Thursday, February 21, 2008

Code of Honor by Kathryn Shay

Kathryn Shay
4 1/2 stars

*note: Code of Honor is the 3rd book to the "American Bravest" books. The cover art at the top, is not the one that I have copy of. My friend Angela sent me the UK cover version. I would have the link (like I have done with the first two previous books) but there no UK version of the book online. I could take picture but the batteries ran out from my camera. I have said previously that I like the UK cover art version much better. Because it show real people and you can see the emotion on the cover. Kathryn Shay have became one of my favorite author, and I have been trying to catch up on reading some of her older series book. They are worth the reading if you into brave men and women firefighter with real emotion depth. And wonderful characters and writing. End notes*

Lieutenant Jake Scarlatta didn't like the idea of Chelsea Whitmore moving in to his fire station because of her bad reputation with her last relationship with one of the fellow team from Engine Four. Even though Jake knew it not fair to her, because he knew she is a good person despite the mistake she made. He fear that his team won't accepted her in. He believe that firefighting is about working as team. But the result of his loyalty decision to his best friend Danny in the past, who was one of the teammate, has ruin his record on that. He blame himself for driving his best friend away from his family and himself.

Chelsea Whitmore knew she had to prove to Jake's team that she is one of them. And not only that, she need to cope with the fact of her past history with Billy who done nothing but abuse her and damaged her image as good firefighter. Even when it mean to be loyalty to her team she need to clear her name and not let Billy hurt her again.

Jake will help Chelsea clear her name too, even if he need to be loyal to his team. But this time he knew he have to make the right decision or he would make the same past mistake he did with Danny. But they never expected to fall for each other and when they did -- they learn that love is found through each other, right where they least expected.

Code of Honor is emotional but with good writing in depth of two characters who have endure similar common problem of their lives. It show loyalty of team and brave firefighter. You will see previous characters again and get glimpse of what been going on with them. And also you will see behind the life of firefighter work.

Kathryn Shay never disappointed me. I love her writing and the characters she bring alive through the pages. Emotional depth, you can feel that Shay shown it all :)

My only problem is that few of the pages (not all of them) when a characters or scenes is about to say or do something, it stop in the mid air sentence and the next pages goes to next Chapters -- starting with few minute later or next days scenes.


Melody said...

Julia, you've been reading lots of books on firefighters lately...not that I'm complaining though, hehe.

Julia said...

I like to read men in uniforms - you should have known that about me by now LOL !

I know I been reading too many firemen books. But these books I been reading are part of the trilogy (there is 4th books, so it weren't be trilogy..right? *grin*) and I have been delay reading them for a long period of times already. And I'm ready to read them. They are worth the reading for me :)

Melody said...

Of course I do. ;P
If not trilogy, series then, hehe...

Julia said...

A series? But it only have 4 books and that it heheehe. Hmmm maybe it series *shrug*

Darla said...

A tetralogy, Julia. Didn't Annie teach you anything? LOL

One of these days I've got to get these books. I like Kathryn Shay, I just haven't been paying attention to her lately. Too many books, too huge of a TBR pile. I count on you to remind me of these things. :)

Julia said...

Darla - err...I weren't remember what Annie taught us LOL ! I need to start keeping those info

Oh...was I suppose to keep you update on some of the books? OOPsie.... ;)

I will try to remmeber next time :)

Alice Teh said...

Oh... you have a thing for men in uniforms, eh?... pssk pssk