Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Moving Target by Cheyenne McCray

(Romance Suspense)
Cheyenne McCray's website
5 stars

I discover Cheyenne McCray's Moving Target on my own at Walmart. I was browsing through selection on the shelves and find that most books there are either the one I already brought, it not my cup of teas or it new to me authors. The last one is where Cheyenne McCray come in. I thought I give her a try since I have not heard anyone raves about the books. And I figure I try something new and maybe if it good, raves about it *grin*.

Ani King had to leave her life behind and go under the Witness Security Program for two years, because she witness the Russian mafia murdered her family. But when she made one simple phone call, her life is in danger again. And now they are on her trail, ready to destroyed her before she can testified the witness. But only one man who she know she can trust and protect her, Daniel Parker.

Deputy Marshal Daniel Parker, rush to protect her when Ani King admit her mistake when she made phone call to her close friend. Daniel knew that Ani was to give a testimony in just two days on the trial of the man who wanted her dead, but now see that it not gonna happen. Because Daniel knew that the mafia would do whatever it take to kill Ani, he helped her to flee and run. To keep her safe he need to keep her close. Even when he tried to keep his feeling he had for her, from distance.

They run onto obstacles and danger at every turn, and Ani start to wonder if she would ever survive to testify and get justice for her family. But as they keep running, their feeling for each other grow closer and stronger.

Moving Target is a fast pace, non stop action packed. It edgy, intense, hot and sexy! The chemistry between Daniel and Ani was hot, you will love them. Great story and writing, it keep me turning the page! I love it! I can't wait to read more of her romantic suspense books!


Melody said...

I knew you enjoyed this book, Julia, because you've been raving to me! LOL.

I've seen her books around, just didn't pick it up. So is this book part of a series or standalone?

Julia said...

It a stand alone. So you're able to read it without reading something else first...I betcha you are glad hehehe

Melody said...

You betcha, hehehe...

Alice Teh said...

Ms Romance Queen, this sounds totally like your type of book. Sounds like a great one. :)

Julia said...

Hey Alice, of course I like romance in my book hehehe. I hope you have a good day, hurry with your studies and come back to us soon :)