Monday, March 24, 2008

My Easter Weekend

First, Happy Belated Easter Everyone! Sorry I haven't been posting much for the last few days. Since before "Good Friday", I had to attend mass and than when I get home I'll be so tired that I don't feel like blogging. So I went to bed early. Than on Saturday, we had guests coming over to visit. I was up on my feet helping mom with the cooking for the guests. And even though I had fun the whole night, I was tired too. Sunday we attend our regular mass day. And because it was Easter it took longer than the normal time we get out. And than as soon as it over, we head out of town to visit my aunt's family for some crawfish boiled Easter brunch. I met up with some cousins I have not seen for long times. It amaze me how much they growth and be as tall as my grandfather was. Seeing them again reminded me of those days when we used to play together when we were kids. Unfortunately, the oldest cousins who I always play together with was not there. Especially the one cousin who I was the closest with the most. Her husband end up in the hospital with high blood pressure and heart attack. I think he'll be fine. The other three oldest girls all moved far away from here, either having babies or just got married. I wish to see them again....anyway, we went to a Vietnamese Easter festival fair after we ate. It a place were we all go to watch live famous/popular Asian singers getting up on stage to perform and sing. There were even some foods and drink served for us. It was lot of fun! But we only stay for an hour or two before we head home late that night. First thing I do, when I got home, was to check my emails to make sure that I clear everything in my inbox and get contact with people who needed my attention on important stuff. Than I pass out to sleep. I must have really been tired because I woke up late the next morning. But it was a fun Easter weekend!

So with the few days being busy, I didn't have times to read much or watch TV either. But I hope to catch up on everything by the end of this week. And I will blog again. But I hope you visit me again. Did everyone had a good Easter weekend? I wish everyone good day!


Melody said...

Sounds like you had a busy weekend, Julia. It seems like most of us haven't been reading too much so you're definitely not alone. ;)

Julia said...

Melody - glad to hear I wasn't alone with not reading much :)

Kim L said...

You had a full schedule! Glad to hear it went well. Sometimes its nice to take a little break from blogging and reading to feel refreshed.

Alice Teh said...

Hi Julia, miss you to bits when you're not blogging. I haven't been blogging much the last few days too.

I hope your cousin's husband is okay.

Will definitely visit you anytime, Julia. :D