Thursday, March 13, 2008

Thursday Thirteen:Edition # 34

My Favorite things..start with "B's"

I decided to do something a little different but fun for my TTs. I have seen this done all over the blogger land and think that while it may be a little hard to come up with something, it also nice way to get to know about me. And it would help for me to keep up with my TTs and not always skip some week when I can't think of an ideas. So, for my TTs each weeks I'm going to list all my 13 favorite things that start with each alphabets. Last week I start with letter click here "A's". Today I start with the letter "B's".

1. Books - I have always been a reader since I was kid. One of my first favorite book was Harnold the Purple Crayon. I still remember reading it and dream of going on a fun adventures. From there I grown up to Babysitting Club/Sweet Valley High to Anne of the Green Gable and than Judith McNaught. And than now different genres of grown up books ;)

2. Bookmarks - I love them in all shape and form. Thongs, metal clips, with quotes saying, eliminated photos...etc. I get so many booksmarks from Bookmark Exchange that my reading group are doing. It lot of fun. I also hand-made scrap bookmarks and have given them out as gift to friends (Melody, did you get your yet?) which I have share with everyone at my blog 4 months ago.

3. "Blue Ice" - One of my favorite book by Anne Stuart. "Ice Blue" is part of an ICE series and it had very dark heroes. They're alpha and remain so even when they have their HEA. I love this type of heroes and love Anne Stuart writing. I think you should read her, it good :)

4. Bald men (actors) - And I mean a big strong, sexy alpha men. I don't know what about it that I like but seeing bald men in movie (Jason Statham, Bruce Willis..etc) just make me drool :) But most of them are strong, built, muscular alpha and good looking.

Bad Boy type - Characters from books, of course *grin*. They are tough, rough and had some attitudes. Even sense of humors. I like that some bad boy let people think that they are bad, when in truth they are not always what they seem to be. They may have some in them but they also really good to their women or people close to them.

5. Berries - My favorite one thought are strawberries, which I found out most recent that am sorta allergic to it. I use to buy strawberries all the times. I also like the blueberries as well.

6. Blogging - Yeah, I like to blog. One of the place where I go to see what books everyone is reading. I originally started this blog, because I want to find a place for backup to keep record of the books I've read over the years for my "50 Challenge Books". But than I made friends in Blog world, along the way. I'm so glad to still be here today :) Thanks for many supports you guys given to me through year.

7. "Beauty and the Beast" - One of my favorite Disney animation movie. I think it one of the most beautiful love movie I ever seen. I love the plot line, the pictures, the musicals and the characters. I also love that two people fallen in love despite how one look, it what inside their heart and who they are that should count. I also love the bitter sweetness of finding you can change and learning you were wrong. And I love the fact that Belle is a reader. Her library is just the way I imagine mine to be (part of it), someday :)

8. "Bones" - a TV drama series show. This was based and inspired by real-life forensic anthropologist and novelist Kathy Reichs. The characters are not all from the book (they changed characters) but I admit these characters from TV are really interesting people who clashed together well, like family. I love the sense of humors of Temperance Brennan and the gang. They reminded me of Eve Dallas and the gang from the In Death series by JDRobb. Read both series, they are good!

9. Barks - The peppermint barks that is made with white chocolate and mixed in with crushed peppermint or Spearmint candies (I prefer the peppermint). You can also mixed in chocolate for the bottom layers. I made some Peppermint Barks as gifts for friends during Christmas. They seem to enjoy it. You can also buy them at local grocery store, like Walmart or Target. They sell them in large square tin can.

10. Book A Million - One of the brick bookstore that is local to my home. I go here when I can't what I'm looking for at Barnes and Noble (normally this is not the case) and love to buy books here if they had some good sales :)

11. Beaches - I love to go there and just relax on a beach chair on the sand, near the water ocean under the hot sun with a tropical drink and a book in hand. Ahhh..this sound good. My family and I Used to go Florida lot, now with us all grown up and being busy, we hardly go anymore *pout*

12. Brownies - Love them all, but I normally baked them with pecan in them, my favorite. I also used walnuts or M&M. I'm starting to learn to bake, so if you hear me burning the bottom of the baking goodies....than run LOL !

13. "Breaking Point" - Suzanne Brockmann's 9th books of Troubleshooter series. This is Max Bhagat and Gina Vitagliano story. I think also their HEA. Love all the books in the series but Max and Gina is one of my favorite couple. Could you tell I love Suzanne Brockmann's books?! :)

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Amy said...

Nice to meet you! I love books, too. I love that you have Beauty and the Beast on there! :)

Melody said...

Cool list, Julia. And no, I haven't received any bookmarks from you yet!!! ;P

Julia said...

Amy - I love books and I love Disney movies :) Thanks for stopping by, I hope you visit me again :)

Melody - Thanks, and aww so sorry you have not gotten my bookmark yet. I'm starting to think my mailman don't like you or something haha...just kidding :) Gonna have to go to post office and have talk....thanks for being here :)

Rims said...

That was a really cool list...interesting way to add innovativeness to ur TTs.

I too love beaches, books and bookmarks....I hate ppl dog earing the books and so I distribute bookmarks to all :D

Happy TT!

Melody said...

Perhaps you've forgotten to send them, haha!!! Just kidding... ;P

Julia said...

Melody - Naw, I sent it. The post office always sending thing late to you hahah! :)

Pretty said...

nice list! Happy TT! Hope you'll visit mine too.

Melody said...

Perhaps it was lost in the sea of mails... *gasp*

Darla said...

Oh, what a clever idea, Julia! And you're all set for half a year! :)

I can't believe you forgot to mention Vin Diesel under "bald men." Sheesh. (Though I suppose thinking of Jason Statham and Bruce Willis gives you a good excuse. *g*)

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Or the Rock! Isn't he a baldie? If not, I think of him that way, so maybe he ought to try it.

I concur with an awful lot of this list. You either have excellent taste or we were separated at birth.

Alice Teh said...

Oh Julia... the bald men you mentioned sounds yummy... Hehe. But of course, blogging is a must! Yay to all of us, bloggers! :D

Open Grove Claudia said...

This is a fun "B" list! Do you love B movies too?? yes, bald men - some are positively delicious! :)

Happy TT!

pussreboots said...

Harold and the Purple Crayon series is among my all time favorite series! Happy TT.

Dane Bramage said...

See that's why I'm single. Good girls like bad boys. I thought about robbing a bank to help my image but I thought that the only dates I'd get then would be with Bubba my cellmate. I can't win.

The rest of your B's were cool though. My T13 this week is 13 Things to Ponder. Stop by if you get a chance.

Julia said...

Pretty - Thanks for the comment and stopping by, I hope you come back to visit me here again :)

Melody - If it got lost in the sea, I'm gonna start singing "It a Mad Mad World" and than yell at my mailman hehehe

Darla - Glad you thought this be good idea, was worry that I be stuck at some point with some of the letters ehehe. You right, I did forgot Vin Diesel. Shame on me! But do I get point from you that I listed Bruce and Jason? *grin*

Susan - Oh yeah, The Rock is one good looking bald man. I always can smell what he cooking LOL! Oh, it interesting that we got common like on thing! Thanks for stopping by!

Alice - Baldie men are good looking men and delicious, did you find one? heheh. Yes without blogging I weren't have get to know you or other blogger friends :)

Claudia - B movie? Are you referring to "Bee movie"? I haven't seen it yet, but probably wait to see it on Netflix :) Glad you agree with bald men :) Thanks for your comments :)

Pussreboots- I think you probably the first person who I have heard who admit that Harold and the Purple Crayon is favorite. glad I found you heheh!

Dane - LOL you are funny! Hope you find your gal someday :) Thanks for your comment

Thanks everyone for stopping by, I hope you visit me again soon! Have a good day!

Anonymous said...

Great "B" list! I've thought about doing the alpha-list in my T13's too.
Have a great day!

Julia said...

Hi Wysperia - Thanks for comments! Thanks for stopping by! :)

Nicholas said...

I love books! And I have spent hours at our local Books-A-Million, which is just a few minutes from our front door.

Chuck said...

That was fun. I love all your answers and agree with all except for the bald men thing. hehe Books, books, books - yes. Want to post more about this kinda stuff, so am really glad you stopped by. I'll be back to visit - happy TT!
p.s. your age says 251. That means you qualify to be on my 40 % Fit-abulous blogroll *wink* it's for anybody 40 and up. Cm'on. It could be fun. Have a gr8 weekend.

Julia said...

Nicholas - Hey if you live few minutes from Books-A-Million, would you care to take an order for me? lol ...

Chuck - I love to read, am avid reader *grin*. We can talk books anytime :) Thanks for the comment!

Thanks both for stopping by, hope you visit me again :)

Alice Teh said...

Unfortunately Julia, I see lots of bald men but never bag one. Hahahaa

Julia Smith said...

I've never seen this idea for T13's before - I'll have to make my way through the alphabet myself. I too love Belle's library. I'd love to have one of my own someday soon.