Thursday, March 06, 2008

Thursday Thirteen: Edition # 33

My Favorite things..start with "A's"

I decided to do something a little different but fun for my TTs. I have seen this done all over the blogger land and think that while it may be a little hard to come up with something, it also nice way to get to know about me. And it would help for me to keep up with my TTs and not always skip some week when I can't think of an ideas. So, for my TTs each weeks I'm going to list all my 13 favorite things that start with each alphabets. Today I start with the letter "A's".

1. Apple Chip - This is made from Seneca company. It is baked but very crispy and crunchy. I love that it came in different flavors: Cinnamon Apple, Caramel, Golden Delicious, Granny Smith. Here the link to see it directly Seneca Apple Chips website

2. "All Through the Night" - a book written by Suzanne Brockmann. It became my favorite at the moment (of course it will change when Suz have the next latest out). It story of love between two men, one of the popular favorite character FBI agent Jules Cassidy and Hollywood heartthrob Robin Chadwick. I have love Jules, and think of him as a bestfriend who I can always count on and turn to when need to talk about problem. I was happy he finally got his HEA. Also in this book, we see all the previous characters again, even our favorite. I love to see what going on with everyone all at once.

3. "Alice in the Wonderland" - One of my childhood favorite Disney movie of all times. I love how she had a dream that she fall into the hole and find herself in another world (the Madcap world of Wonderland) where she never imagine existed. And she meets extraordinary characters too! I use to dream like this when I was kid too. I love everything about the movie.

4. Anne Stuart - One of my favorite authors who wrote the ICE series. It is must buy if you into very DARK, bad boy and strong heroes in romantic suspense genres. The book is exciting thrilling and very hot!

5. Alicia - Who is one of my childhood best friend. I knew her when I was 5yrs old and she was 1yrs old. I actually met her sister first who was 3yrs old. But since than both have became my bestest friend. We have been through too many stuff together, in good and bad times. Through kids and family. I love them like they are my sisters. And they will remain my friend forever. And right now Alicia is going through personal pregnancy problem. Cross your fingers they baby will make it through the pregnancy stages and be healthy when it time to for it to meet the world :)

6. American Eagle - I love to shop at this store. I brought some clothes here, not just for me but mostly for my niece Trish. It her favorite store too.

7. Alias - I realized that this show is now off the air. But I love the show because of kick ass lead character Sydney. Plus a romance between Sydney and Michael is hot on the screen to watch. So many good moment scenes with them.

8. Alpha male characters - I love these type of heroes in my books. They are usually the strong, brave, bad boy, sexy and DARK type. And they are not always not what they seem to be as people (characters from books) made them out to be.

9. AppleBee - One of the favorite restaurant my family and I go to. The burgers, chicken and pasta are my most favorite menu. The foods here are great and sometime we would order a take out and bring it home to eat while we watch TV or just eat while we have "family times" talking about what going on with each other lives. Here is the AppleBee website (click on it)

10. Amazon - I shop at this bookstore to get books online. Sometime the price can be expensive but if I have a gift cards (which I always use) than I'm in luck to buy many books *grin*. But sometime it more cheaper than the other bookstores online, if it not on sales or price off :)

11. American Idols - Yes this is crazy but I like watching reality show that have anything to do with musics/dance/singing. I have watch this show since the beginning of the first season and still watch it today. The show is now on it 7th season. So far I like Ramiele, Michale John and David Arculeta (the young 16yrs old).

12. Angela - another friend who is really sweet and generous person. She hand-made knit these wonderful socks and scarf for me as gifts during the Christmas holidays. Both turn out great and I love them. I worn them plenty time already and hope to get more knitting gifts from her again, someday *grin*.

13. Annie of the Green Gable - Another of my favorite book. I read this when I was in middle school. I had to do a book report on it and made an A! But I grow to love Annie and her friends that I continue to read the rest of the series in the books. I was really excited when I learn that it was made into TV movie. And it was great too. I should go buy myself a copy of the series books. :)

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Calliope said...

My Husband loves #1 and I love #8 and 10.

Happy TT!


Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Is this the wrong time to tell you that I used to live down the street from American Eagle's corporate HQ? Now it's only a production facility, but it's right over there!

melissa said...

love the list!

what a refreshing idea :)

happy tt

check out mine at:

Dane Bramage said...

Great to learn "A" little more about you.

My Thursday Thirteen this week is #70. 13 Children's Books That Were Never Written Stop by if you get a chance

the teach said...

Liked this list a lot, Julia! :D

pussreboots said...

Many lovely As on your list. Happy TT.

Melody said...

Great list. Will you come up with "B's" for next week's TT? ;P

Julia said...

Calliope - glad am not the only one who love Apple Chip, I love them so much!. It great that your husband like alpha male and Amazon :)

Susan - LOL, yeah that could be wrong time to tell me that! ;) If I knew, I would have like to have you go and buy me something LOL...

Melissa - Thanks, I hope this would work for the next few weeks :)

Dane - Thanks for comment and stopping by :)

The Teach - thanks so much for your comment and for stopping by :)

pussreboots - Thanks for your kind words :)

Melody - I'm gonna try to for the next few weeks until I get to the end, letter "Z" :)

Thanks everyone for stopping by :)

Kim L said...

You've got a nice list going on. I second Amazon. What a lifesaver! There have been a few things I could not find anywhere, and lo and behold there they were on Amazon!

Julia said...

Kim - Thanks for the comments! Amazon is a great online store to buy books! Thanks for stopping by, I hope you visit me again. Have a good TTs and great day!

Nicholas said...

I am an Amazon addict! But when buying books there I always click on "new and used" and I get some pretty good bargains. I have bought books for one penny plus postage

Hootin' Anni said...

That's a great list of "A" for yourself. Thanks for the visit Julia

Tink said...

Some great A's! Those apple chips sound yummy!
Thanks for visiting my inspiring people TT.

Julia said...

Nicholas - I enjoy shopping in Amazon for that reason too. Plus to pay less, it bargains to find "new to me authors" too.

Hootin' Anni - Thanks for comments, I hope you come and visit me again :)

Tink - Thanks for comments. Do try Apple Chips they are good :)

Thanks everyone for stopping by, I hope you visit me again soon! Have a good days/weekend :)

Alice Teh said...

Hi Julia,

I love Alice in Wonderland too! It's a fascinating story. :D

I used to buy a lot from Amazon despite the costly shipping but now it's more to read about other readers review.

Have a good weekend! So good to be here and visit you. :D

Julia said...

Hey Alice !!! So happy to see you here *grin*....

I still buy books at Amazon, but not as much as I do at Barnes and Noble. But with member card, the discount help a little :) I agree Alice in the Wonderland is fascinating story :) Hope you drop by here again soon! Good luck with your studies :)

Kelly Hewitt said...

Hi Julia!

I have just now discovered your lovely site. I have added you to my Favorite Sites. My name is Kelly and my blog is Loaded Questions. Check it out and add me as a fav. if you like what you see!

Alice Teh said...

Thankadee Julia! :D

Talking to you is the antidote to stress... hehe...