Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Manhunting by Jennifer Crusie

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4 1/2 stars

Kate Svenson is businesswoman who had gone through three failed engagements. So her best friend Jessie decided that Kate need to make a business plan and find a rich, handsome and successful Mr. Right, at The Cabins resort in Kentucky. It is filled with eligible bachelors who is rich and have ambitious type...just the way she like it. But once she step foot at The Cabins resort, she seem to attract men but they are dropping down her list like flies. Despite her intention, she soon discover it harder than she thought and didn't think it'll work. Along the way, she met up some friends: Penny, who is there to party and have fun before she tied herself to marriage; Nancy who owned the "Nancy" bar and sexy Jake who had sworn off ambition and successful women. That included Kate. Too bad Jake is opposite of the man of her dream. Or she would have pick him.

But just when she given up looking, cupid decided to play it roles and bring her together with Jake who have nothing in common with her and think she is nothing but trouble. For him that is. But once they start talking, they each discover themselves and understanding about their issues. And than they let love in.

Manhunting is a delightful, fun and humors romp novel that bring sexual intense to the pages. Two people finding love and discover about themselves and their issues. Fast easy pace reading and characters are wonderful. You laugh at couple different pages in the book, as you watch Kate handle the suitor coming on to her, herself. It hilarious. One thing Jenny does great with is humors, snappy dialogue and writing series issues tones (communication..etc).

I have read Jennifer Crusie recent books but is trying to collect her earliest books. Manhunting happen to be her earliest book published in 1993, which is also her first novel she wrote. I own the re-issue copy. I enjoy the book, and looking forward to reading more Jenny's books :)


Melody said...

Glad you enjoyed the book, Julia. I hope you'll enjoy the others I sent as well. ;P

gautami tripathy said...

This sure sounds good.

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Julia said...

Thanks Melody - I hope to enjoy others too :)

Hi gautami, thank for stopping by. I will try to do the meme tomorrow or when I have the times to think of answer hehe

Marg said...

I loved this book! I must go and figure out exactly which Crusie it is that I haven't read yet. There is only one or two at most!

Julia said...

Hi Marg - Goodness, you mean you read almost all of Jenny earliest books and recent books? Which books are your favorite?

Alice Teh said...

The queen of romance, Julia, strikes again. LOL. Interesting book, this one. Thanks for the review! :)

ReneeW said...

I read this one not too long ago and loved it too. Wasn't it just delicious. Hilarious book and I'm pretty picky about humor. Loved the H/H and their snappy dialog. Great review. This book ranks up there with Anyone But You and Welcome to Temptation.

Julia said...

Alice - LOL I like romance in my book but with mixed of suspense in it too :) hehehe. Hope you check this book out :)

Reneew - It was hilarious and the humor are just dead on :) I haven't read "Anyone But You" yet, so I need to get copy of that one. Thanks for stopping by. I hope you continue to visit me again :)