Monday, April 07, 2008

Bodyguard of Lies by Robert Doherty

Bob Mayer/Robert Doherty website
4.5 stars

For March: Read a book with a bird on the cover
Examples from Darla shelves(click title to see cover art):

The Voyage of the Jerle Shannara: Ilse Witch by Terry Brooks
The Phoenix Guards by Steven Brust (a phoenix, duh)
Trouble in Paradise by Robert B. Parker (a flamingo)

As always, let us know what you read, how you liked it, how it fits the challenge, and how long it had been in your TBR pile. Please post it in the comments box here, or give me the link to your actual participation post at your blog.

I chose Bodyguard of Lies by Robert Doherty. Robert Doherty is covert name of Bob Mayer who is one of the USA Today Bestselling author in both fiction and non fiction books. The only books I've read under Bob Mayer is his two collaborations books with Jennifer Crusie (a very good book!). This is the first time I read book under Robert Doherty, it won't be my last :)

Neeley was the lover and protegee of Gant Anthony, a Cellar operative. After his death, Neeley was trying to get her life back together when she came upon a mystery that Gant have always held close but never told her about. Knowing nothing about Gant past, except for his family that he have told her a little about, she went to follow Gant instruction from a note that he wrote and kept in locker before his death - to find two person: John Masterson and his wife Hannah. With everything Gant taught her, she put her training and skill to good use to find them.

Hannah Masterson was devastated and angry when she discover her husband, John simply disappears leaving her nothing to her name. She tried to hide it and pretend nothing was wrong in their marriage from his circle of friends but rumors spread fast then she expected. But when she met Neeley, things start to change her life.

When Neeley and Hannah met, they soon realized that the men in their lives share a dangerous secret. A secret that even one of the most powerful people would kill to keep safe and protect. But what most frighting discovery is not only are they involved in web of lies, intrigue and betrayal but they found out that The Cellar is involved too. Now crisscrossing around the globe, both women are fighting to stay alive and protect the the United States. They knew they must win or the truth will be protect by a bodyguard of lies, forever.

Bodyguard of Lies was a heart-racing and non stopping action. The two main characters, Neeley and Hannah, were like Thelma and Louise in action a very well smart and strong heroines. And a good twist and turn. The reading pace keep the story moving and you just can't put it down. I truly enjoy it :)

There is second book title Lost Girls which came out on August 2007 of last year.


Melody said...

I've not heard of this author, but I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it!

Alice Teh said...

I love stories with a good twist too. Great review, Julia! :)

Julia said...

Melody - I think this would be something you want to does not have much romance but it suspense..a light one.

Alice - Thanks for comments, I like a good twist ending too :)