Monday, March 31, 2008

50 TBR Challenge : March

Below, is the list of books I read in March(click each titles book to read my reviews). I only managed to read 3 books this month. But since January I have read totals of 12 books. I'm slowly getting to my reading, but it always nice to slowly devour and take my times with the books of my favorite instead of just rushing it :) But I honestly want to go back to those days when I was able to read a lot more books than this. I don't know what wrong with me, but I want my reading drive *grin* to come back hehehe.

P.S. My good friend Darla is the one who came up with this 50 Challenge Book ideas to the group that we both members of. Please click her name (above) to see her book review :)

Click the book titles below, to read my reviews

10. No Regret by Shannon K Butcher 5 stars
11. Manhunting by Jennifer Crusie 4 1/2 stars
12. Killer Secret by Lora Leigh 4 1/2 stars


Alice Teh said...

All the best, Julia! You can do it. I know you'll be reading ferociously before you even blink. (Coincidentally that's the book review I did on the book "Blink")

Have a great week ahead! :)

Julia said...

Alice - Thanks for your encouragment. I sure hope I be able to get back to my reading and not get slumped.

You have a good day too!