Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Delicious by Susan Mallery

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Contemporary Romance
4 1/2 stars

Cal Buchanan need a Chef to run his family business restaurant, The Waterfront. So he hired his ex-wife Penny Jackson, because he knew she is one of the best one in town. Knowing how uncomfortable it'll be for both him and Penny, he try to avoid speaking of the past. But every time he come near her, he couldn't help but fallen for her all over again. And with it the past is once again open.....

Penny have sworn off romance and even decided to have a baby on her own, after her divorce with Cal. The problem in their marriage left Penny to wonder why he chose to let her go and not love her as much as she did. She never forgiven him, after he left her when she lost their baby. When Cal hired her to run The Waterfront, she planned to take advantage of the job and him. She want to take opportunity to make a name for herself in restaurant. Her dream, to open her own restaurant someday. But the closer she get to Cal, the attraction between them started to simmer once again.
Then she discover the secret of his past, and question herself where she stand between his love for her and his secret past.

You will met up with The Buchanan sibling who ran the restaurant of the family empire, Cal (who run the coffee emporium), Reid (who managed the bar), Walker (the Marines) and their youngest sister Dani (who managed the hamburger joint). These restaurants are all control by their evil grandmother.

This is the first time I read book by Susan Mallery, and truly enjoy it. Although I normally like to read a story where heroine and heroes have never been married or divorced. This doesn't mean I won't read book like this. What I like about the book is how well the characters of each sibling emotions developed. It was well written that you can feel the interaction between the family. And the evil grandmother is so real that I want to just smack her to come to her sense.

Delicious is the first book to The Buchanan Family series. It is a story about second chance, and fallen in love again. And family. Long writing depth but worth reading. I enjoy the book! And planning to read the next book :)

The Buchanan Family series:
1. Delicious (Cal's book)
2. Irresistible (Walker's book)
3. Sizzling (Reid’s book)
4. Tempting (Dani's book)


Melody said...

I think I've only read one of her books so far... anyway, am glad that you enjoyed reading it.

Julia said...

Hey Melody - I think maybe it the silhoutte books of Susan Mallery you raed. I think she write under that publisher :)

Alice Teh said...

Hah... a story that has evil grandma in it. Interesting... I haven't read any of Susan Mallery's books. Would love to know how love the other books, Julia.