Friday, April 18, 2008

Tangled Up in You by Rachel Gibson

Rachel Gibson's Website
Contemporary Romance
4 1/2 stars

Maddie Jones (Dupree), a true crime thriller writer who interviews serial killers for a living, return home to Truly to uncover the untold story about her mother death and her past. Maddie had lost everything as child and her life have been ashamed and tragic since. Now that she is back in Truly, she want to know what really happen on the night of the double murder-suicide that involved her mother and her lover, Loch Hennessay. Included the wife who was betrayed. Maddie want to write a true-crime involved the murder and her mom. But in a small town of Truly, people tend to want to let the past go and forget. With determination, she not going to let anything stand on her way to find the truth. Or even to write the book. But she was not counting to fall for a sexy, black-haired, blue-eyed Mick Hennessy...the son of a skirt-chasing heartbreaker Loch Hennessay. She want to tell him who she is..but just couldn't or risk losing him.

Mick Hennessy, who currently is the owner of the Mort Bar and the Hennessy, always seem to caught the ladies attention but managed to keep them in line. But once he met Maddie, thing start to changed. After discovering her true reason for being in town, he was determined to stop Maddie from stirring up old memories of the past that should be kept forgotten. Even if Mick doesn't know much what happen that night, he knew well enough that it will hurt both families and open wounded memories. But each time he come near Maddie, he couldn't help but get distracted by her beauty, sexy lip and smell of her skin. He is attracted to her that he can't resist getting tangled up with her.

Tangled Up in You is a fun, sexy and romantic romp. Fast pace reading, humors and enjoyable. Great characters interaction and few steamy scenes!

I normally don't like reading book with characters who go meddling around or trying to dig up someone else past lives when it should be left alone. And then think stubbornly he/she had the right to do it. But I enjoy this book and accepted it. Because not only is it their past, but it involved the person who seeking for answers to the past too. It enjoyable book. I love the interaction "touching" between the couple. It make me smiles. Great book, read it, you will like it :)


Kristie (J) said...

I enjoyed this one more than I had for a few books. I hope her next one carries through on the upswing!!

Alice Teh said...

My sister in Sydney passed it on to me after she's read it. She's crazy about chick-lits and romance stories and stuff like that. I might get around to reading it soon.

Julia said...

Kristie - Me too! I read one of her book and thought it was okay. But "Tangled Up In You" were enjoyable read. Which book did you read by Rachel and what did you thought of it?

Alice - I hope you read this book. I think you'll like it...I hope lol. Let me know what you think :)

Thanks you both for visiting my blog.

Kristie (J) said...

See Jane Score is my favourite Gibson book. I also quite liked True Confessions, It Must Be Love and Tuly Madly Yours

Julia said...

Kristie - I haven't read any of those books yet...maybe I should...*grin*.

The first book I read was...I'm forgetting the titles but it had the word "Valentine" to it. I didn't enjoy that one as much. But "Tangled Up Into You" was a very enjoyable read :)

Kristie (J) said...

The Trouble with Valentine's Day is the one I think you mean and I was pretty meh about it too. Definitely not one of her better ones.

Melody said...

Have not read her books for some time... but I'm glad you enjoyed this one. :)

Julia said...

Kristie - Oh gosh, so glad am not the only who feel that way with "Valentine"...I thought it was Maybe I should try the books that you listed. Maybe I'll like those one better :)

Melody - Should try reading her if you have the chance :)