Thursday, April 17, 2008

Thursday Thirteen: Edition # 36

My Favorite things..start with "D's"

Darla - One of my good friend who is very generous and nice. Know her for 5 years (is this correct, Darla?) since I joined the JDRobb group. I met her once at Nora's Roberts Turn The Page Cafe, around July 2003 for the weekend fun. Of course, I was shy then, and we talked a little bit at the bar where everyone goes to have fun (dancing,drinking,meeting up friends). What little talk we did, I knew first hand that she is very nice to talk to. Even when I was nervous and shy around her LOL! But since then, Darla and I talked lot through emails and the group list.

Diana Gabaldon (author)- One of my favorite Historical Romance writer who wrote The Outlander series. So far there is 6th books published but there be more to come. The latest new is that there will be a 7th book release somewhere at the end of 2008 or 2009 (I forget which one). She is writer of "Drum of Autumns" and Dragonfly in Amber" (notice the "D" in title *grin*). I just felt like a little girl, sitting on the floor listening to Diana Gabaldon tell me one of the most all time bestest story in history :) Her books may be too thick and deep writing depth, but I love her books.

Dancing - Have always love to dance when I was little girl. I don't have the experience but I sure love to just dance. As kid, I was always dancing in our front yard with musics turn up. Cars would past by and driver would just look at us like we were I think now, it just a way for me to relax and have fun when I have had bad day :)

Dancing With the Stars - I started watching the show two years ago. I didn't watch it when it first aired. I love watching favorite celebrity dance and win. This year, I'm hoping Kristi (Ice Skater) will win. I like her.

Dirty Dancing - One of my favorite old classic movie of all time. My friends and I use to watch this movie repeatedly a thousand times when we were kid. Lot of fun and Patrick Swayze was hottie! I'm sorry to hear that Patrick is ill with cancer.

"Dream A Little Dream" (author)- This is one of my favorite book written by Susan Elizabeth Phillips (SEP). This book is installment to Chicago Stars series, which I love! I hope you check it out, it worth reading!

Desperate Housewives - I watched this show the first day it aired. Really enjoy the show and find it funny in some situation scenes in ordinary day...or is it? hehehe. I would love to have Mike as my plumer *grin*. Not sure when the show is coming back, but I know it'll be soon.

Die Hard series - Love love LOVE the Die Hard series. Bruce Willis, non stop action packed and great characters! Did I mention Bruce Willis? *grin*. I watched this movie repeatedly until I just can't anymore hehe.

"Dying to Please" (author)- Linda Howard wrote this book. I love this book because the heroine in this book is not only a butler but an bodyguard as well who is expert marksman. It nice to see switch of women role doing men job *grin*. Also, I love Linda Howard books. She one of my favorite author.

"Dance Upon the Air" (author) - This is Nora Roberts trilogy of Three Sister Island. This is one of the trilogy I love, beside the fact that the Chesapeake Bay trilogy is my # 1 favorite. Dance Upon the Air is the first book to the Three Sister Island, about three un-related witches sister who come together to break the curse that hold the Island. This book start with Nell Channing....

"Dangerous Game" (author) is the second book to the Tempting SEALs books (the first is title "Reno’s Chance" from the anthology "Honk, If You Love Real Men"). I enjoyed these series and hope to find more. "Dangerous Game" is Clint McIntyre story, who come home for some R&R but then find himself deep in trouble with his best friend's little sister Morganna. Who he fell in love later. Steamy and hot book!

Disney Movies - I love animation movies. I remember my very first Cinema movie "Sword of the Stone". It was the only movie I seen in Cinema with my childhood friends back then and it will always remain favorite. But I've seen lot of video Disney Movie through my VCR back then too. "Alice In the Wonderland" is another favorite. As well as "Cinderella". Now, I love "Mulan" which is personal favorite.

Duran Duran - One of my favorite 80's band! Something about their hairs, their musics and how dreamy drool fine looking they are that get me every time. Play their musics so much that my tape broke. I'm happy to see them still singing today, even though their 80's look are gone but their musics still good.

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Random Ramblings said...

I SOooo love Disney movies! And I spent some growing up years with Duran Duran music!

BooksPlease said...

Some of these are my favourites too - Diana Gabaldon, Strictly Come Dancing, the UK version of Dancing with the Stars. One of my favourite films is Dances With Wolves (Kevin Costner).

I may try a Thursday Thirteen myself - it looks fun.

Melody said...

Enjoyed reading your answers, Julia. I'm still grinning when you mentioned you danced in your front yard when you were younger. I don't think I've the courage to do that, hehe.

Irishcoda said...

Enjoyed your list of favorite Ds. I am also a fan of Diana Gabaldon, Disney movies, the Die Hard series and Dirty Dancing! :)

Hootin' Anni said...

Dancing, dancing with the stars, dirty dancing....YA baby!!! You got me there too. And Disney movies.

My 13 movie stills is shared for T-13 this week. Come by if you can.

Picturing of Life said...

what a creative D list. I like Disney movies :D

Will you visit mine Thanks

sandierpastures said...

Dirty Dancing reminded me how my father got very angry when I watched it without his knowledge. I guess to him, that movie is not for 10 year-olds! :-)

Happy TT!

Juli said...

:::gasp::: Diamonds! Where are the diamonds? Oh and "nobody puts Baby in a corner"


Darla said...

Oh, thanks, Julia! I'm going to have to do this sometime, just so I can put "Julia" on the list for "J." :-)

And you know I definitely agree with you on Die Hard & Bruce Willis. Hubba hubba. *g*

Adelle said...

Very creative list.
Happy T13!

Brenda ND said...

I go with Disney and donuts. Happy TT!

Denise Patrick said...

Disney movies are wonderful. I grew up with all the fairy tale movies. They influence my writing even now.

Happy TT!

Julia said...

Random Rambling - Disney movies rock! Duran Duran, for me it was Simon Lebon. What about you? *grin*

Bookplease - Glad to hear you fan of Diana Gabaldon. Love her work. I wonder what the different with UK and USA "Dancing With the Stars" version. Is there any different? I love Dancing With the Wolves too...I just didnt' think about that one! Please do try TTs, it is fun, but so hard LOL!

Melody - I was kid, what did I know? I just love dancing so I didn't think about embarrassment of dancing in my front yard with strangers passing by looking at us like we were crazy hehehe

Irishcoda - Thanks for your comments about my favorite "D's" :) Glad to see we have some similiar favorite.

Hootin' Anni - Glad I got you there! *grin*...of course, I will visit your TTs :)

Picturing of Life - Thanks for visiting my blog and for your comments. Sure, I'll come visit your TTs :)

Sandierpastures - Oh wow at age of 10? *grin*. Back then I was at friend house when I first discover "Dirty Dancing" *smirk* *grin* *chuckle*

Juli - I like Diamonds too, just didn't think about it. I love that quotes "Nobody put Baby in the corner".....

Darla - awww you so sweet (see what I mean, everyone?*grin*)...great that we both love "Die Hard" movie. Bruce Willis is definiately hubba hubba worthy *grin*

Adelle - Thanks for comment! Happy TTs to you too!

Brenda - I almost put donuts, but I don't eat it everyday or craves for it often now...but I sure do love disney! Happy TTs to you too!

Denise Patrick - I grew up with all fairy tale movies too, just love them all. I'm glad that it influenece you to write. Maybe someday I get to read it too :)

Thanks everyone for stopping by my blog. I hope you come back and visit me again!. Have a Happy TTs (Thursday) everyone!


Debora said...

I had my doubts about Bruce Willis in the first Die Hard movie (coming off Moonlighting, I didn't think he'd make much of an action hero) - I'm glad I gave it a chance...he's great and I've been a "die hard" Bruce fan ever since.

Nice D post. Happy TT13!

Jennifer McKenzie said...

Several of these are MY favorite D's as well.

How about "Dangerous men" (In books only of course).

Awesome list.

Nicholas said...

I really enjoyed the first and third Die Hard movies. Haven't seen the fourth one yet.

Julia said...

Debora - Hey I use to watch Moonlighting..he was good in his comedy role in that one *grin*. Glad you gave him a second chance.

Jennifer - Ohhh I love Dangerous Men...of course in books *grin*....I prefer calling them the " dark Bad Boy" LOL! Thanks for your comments!

Nicholas - I can't remember if I've seen the newest (4th one?) yet...but I think I did and ejnoy it.

Thanks everyone for stopping by, I hope you come back here again soon!


Alice Teh said...

Hello Julia! It's me, Alice... Remember me? (Not the new novel by Sophie Kinsella)

You brought back fond memories of reading Dance Upon the Air by Nora Roberts. I liked the trilogy very much. BTW, I've placed orders for the Chesapeake series. :D

*Alice imagining Julia dancing* I used to sing in front of my house, holding my mom's large comb as the microphone and cranked out a tune. Hahahaha!

pussreboots said...

I like Duran Duran and Disney too. Happy belated TT.

Julia said...

Alice - Of course I remember can I ever forget you *grin*! So glad I brought fond memories of Dance Upon the Air by Nora Roberts. I think the Three Sister Island was one of my favorite trilogy. Ohhh I'm so excited that you order The Chesapeake Bay Series. You gonna like them...I hope *grin*. It one of my favorite sega too. Believe it or not, I used to sing while dancing too hehehe (and no, it wasn't a snoopy dance at the time either hahaha!)

Pussreboots - I was sorta happy that Duran Duran return to make new albums. But it not the same as it used to be in the old days..but they still good though :)

Thanks both for stopping by. Hope you come back here again. Have a good day!

Alice Teh said...

I was going to guess snoopy dance but you beat me to it. So what dance was it?... Curious, curious...

Julia said...

Alice - *chucle*, if I knew the Snoopy Dance back then..I might have done that hehehe.

The dance was more of 3 of us gymnastic dance as team. With front and back flips, split, tip toes twirling...etc. We were making up dance using gymnastic technique, and practicing our dance routine as if we entering contest competition hehehe.

(think "Fames" "Girl Just Want to Have Fun" and "Footlose"...etc.) Those kind of a dance back then....