Thursday, May 08, 2008

Thursday Thirteen: Edition # 38

My Favorite things..start with "F's"

F.R.I.E.N.D (TV show)- Yeah I know...I'm crazy...but I love the show and all the characters. Chandler my favorite..what your?

Fred Flinstone (cartoon show)- One of my favorite Saturday Cartoon to watch when I was kid. Remember all that Saturday Cartoon network? Those were the fun days :)

"Face the Fire" - One of my favorite's Nora Roberts book from the Three Sister Island trilogy. It is the third book and it where we learn about Sam and Mia.

Fames (TV show)- This TV show, is what made me dream of being dancer someday. And it is when I start dancing around the front yard when I was kid.

Family - I LOVE my family. They mean the world to me, even when we have our up and down. We always there for each other.

"Force Of Nature" (book)- This book is the 11th books of the Troubleshooter series, written by Suzanne Brockmann. A story about Former detective Ric fallen for Anne. Also Jules and Robin relationship growth in this book too. Suzanne Brockmann is very nice, generous and caring woman I have ever met.

French Fries - Love them. Anything I order, no matter where I am, have to have french fries on my side dish hehe.

Fried Chicken - Any type of fried chicken...well not everything lol. My favorite have to be the southern Popeyes chicken, because I think is only serve here because it origin in Louisiana.

Footloose (movie)- An old classic favorite movie that I love. This also had some dancing and remind me that dancing is just important in our life too.

Far and Away (movie)- This is an old Tom Cruise movie that I like. I thought it was amazing at the ending.

Fred Astaire (actor/singer/dancer)- <~~~ do you see why I love Fred? He can do all that and he such amazing when he sing and dance. He make me want to dance all the times :)

"For Your Eyes only" (movie & song)- Both James Bond movies and Songs that I love. I have been a fan of James Bond movie. And the song lyrics is just something that just touch me when I hear it.

Family Ties (TV show)- An old classic TV show favorite that I love. The family is too funny in their own way. And who can not love the adorable Michal J Fox? *G*. Also the theme song always make me sing along cause it make me think of my parent who have been together for longest time and loving each other.

Extra list:

Friends - My friends from outside computer world, Yahoo group site and bloggers. Without you guys I couldn't make it through the days. My friend Darla have been such great person and without her, my day weren't be complete :)

"Flashdance" (movie)- Another classic old favorite that had dancing..see the theme here? I love dancing LOL

"Feel the Heat" (book)- This is written by Kathryn Shay who write emotionally, tense and draining story about firemen and the everyday stuff they endure in life.

"Flashpoint" - Written by another favorite author Suzanne Brockmann, from the Troubleshooter series. This is the 7th books, the story about Jimmy Nash and Tess Bailey.

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Melody said...

Wow, you've an extra list for this week's TT! As always, I've enjoyed reading them.

Picturing of Life said... have creative post :D I also love fried chicken :P

Will you visit mine Thanks

anthonynorth said...

Some good films there.

Sandy M said...

I'm on F this week also. Great list!

Darla said...

LOL--you and Nora with the french fries. :)

I loved Far & Away, too, and For Your Eyes Only.

Nice list!

Julia said...

Melody - I couldn't just leave out some of other favorite so I added an "extra" to the list hehe.

picture of lifes - Thanks for your comment, fries chicken is just one of the things I must eat or I just starve myself hehe. Of course I will visit your TTs soon :)

Anthonynorth - Thanks for your comment and stopping by!

Sandy M - HEY! Is this the same Sandy from Sandy Blair group? The one BJ is running? If so *waving at ya* I will check your TTs soon :) Thanks for visiting!

Darla - LOL guess Nora and I have something in common after all, uh? *G*....thanks for comment

Thanks everyone for stopping by. I hope you come back and visit me soon :)

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Fun funky flipping things on your list this week, Julia!

I loved Fame and Flashdance, too.

Sandy M said...

Not the same Sandy M on yahoo group... on yahoo I am lilybugsgrandma... thanks for asking though

Julia said...

Hey Susan - nice to see you again :) Thanks for comment on my list.....have a nice "dancing" weekend ;)

Love your list of Trevor's "Gross". I hope he find me LOL....

Alice Teh said...

I love my family too... and yes, fried chicken also... LOL. Love reading your list, Julia!

Julia said...

Family are important to us, right? I think so :) Thanks for "loving" to read my list, Alice ;) :)