Monday, May 12, 2008

Force of Nature by Suzanne Brockmann

Romance Suspense
Suzanne Brockmann's website
4.5 stars

I read this book at the end of last year, but just never gotten around to post a review on it (see why I'm slow? *G*). For me to remember what happen, I decided to re-read the book again. And I enjoy it like I did the first time. This is the 11th books to the Troubleshooter series. Actually Suzanne Brockmann has separate the Troubleshooter series into 3 different group. Although she mostly written stories that feature the Navy SEALs Team Sixteen (and they are the first group), the second group is Max Bhagat’s FBI Counterterrorist(CT)and the third group is Tom Paoletti Team called Troubleshooter Incorporated. Third group mean a group of civilians team (a variety background of former SEALs, former CIA, former FBI and maybe ex-con) get put together in a mission impossible situation where they go in place in countries where military or government can't go to.

Ex- cop Ric Alvarado was first seen from Gone Too Far the scenes where Gina motel room had been burglarized in Sarasota, Florida. He was the police detective then. We see him again, in this book Force of Nature ,this time he left the police force to open his own private investigator's business. At first he hired Annie Dugan to work for him as his secretary, but Annie is more interested in being his investigator partner then filing. His attraction for Annie started when they were kid in high school. And it didn't help that her brother is his best friend either. And now Annie stand before him, and the feeling he had for her started rising again.

Then Ric suddenly find himself in situation when his first client, an older woman named Lillian Lavelle, hired him to find her deceased daughter's former room-mate and a young employed dancer named Brenda. He later found out that Lillian had only hired him so that he can lead her to Gordie Junior Burns for her agenda reason to kill him.

FBI agent Jules Cassidy, is put in charge of investigation a mob boss named Gordon Burns who may have been responsible for smuggling al Qaeda operative into the country. Since there is no evidence, Jules's team leader agent Peggy Ryan was secretly alias as live-in housekeeper at Burns estate. In those last two months, she was never heard from again. Though Jules and Peggy never get along, he want to find out what happen to her because he can't help but feel responsible. Even when it not his fault. With the help of Peggy's last messages, Ric Alvarado, Annie Dugan, Martell Griffin and Robin Chadwick ; Jules will need their help to find Peggy (dead or alive). And to also bring down the Burns operation and capture al-Hasan before he harm Atlanta.

Jules never thought to see Robin again. Even when he walk out on Robin two years ago, his feeling for him have never diminished. Robin's alcholism and being in the closet have kept Jules backing away from him. He just want Robin to accepted himself and let the world know who he really is. They had two years to think about their feeling for each other. And when they finally meet again, they were forced to confront and be honest with each other.

You will met Max Bhagat and Sam Starrett again. They had a small important role in the book. I love how they interacted with Jules, who is his two closest friends.

Force of Nature is an action adventure with little bit of emotional intense scenes thrown in. And the ending leave you holding your breath. Ric and Annie were the couple that were likable and you want them to make their relationship work.

I love the book. I'm happy with the result of the couples in the story. I love seeing Sam and Max again. They're two of my favorite heroes. I love the way the new characters and the previous characters blend, interacted and work well together. Even though Suzanne still do very well with quilting in together the plot, the FBI team and Jules/Robin story line into one book --- I still missed reading WWII story line. Other-wise the book were very good! Can't wait to read the next installment!

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All Through the Night (Novella - but it not small)
Into the Fire (coming in July 22, 2008!)


Melody said...

I know I sound like a broken record, but I haven't got around to reading her other books to this series yet!!! ;P Usually I'll post the review after I've read the book because that's where my mind on the story remains the "freshest", and another thing is, I probably have no time for a re-read, considering I've a huge pile waiting to be read! LOL.

Anyway, glad to hear you enjoyed this. :)

Julia said...

Melody - the record is sure broken LOL! But I understand how you need to post your review right away or it won't be fresh. Somehow, I managed to remember thing -- just don't ask me how LOL. And I also understand how re-reading will take up much of your time, when you have your TBR pile to think about LOL....

I have mountain of TBR pile too, and it getting over flowed! hehe Thanks for your comment and stopping here :)

Melody said...

Exactly, LOL!
But I think no matter how fast or how much we read the books, the pile will just keep on getting higher and higher. ;P

Julia said...

That is sooooo true! Agree!

Alice Teh said...

Speaking of TBR, mine's getting out of control. Am thinking of imposing another 'ban' on buying books. BUT, I think that's not going to happen... Hehehee

Great review, Julia!

Julia said...

Hey Alice, my TBR pile is out of control too. My family keep wondering what to do with me LOL!

And nope, you can't ban on buying books. It in your nature to buy buy buy! LOL! How else did you think I got you addicted to new authors ;)