Friday, May 30, 2008

The Wrong Man for Her by Kathryn Shay

Kathryn Shay's website
Publisher : Harlequin Super Romance #1418
ISBN-13: 9780373714186
5 stars

Nick Logan came home to Rockford, New York to get back to working at the Rockford Crime Victims Center to counsel teens who became the victims from the violent at home. He learn later that John Kramer, the founder and the head of the Rockford Crime Victims Center as well as his closest friend, hired him back because his wife Lucy had heart attack 6 weeks ago and now needed to be at home with her. With John no longer in charge of running the RCVC, he had Madelyn Walsh to be the new administrator of the place. Although Nick is disappointed and is hurt that John didn't tell him about Lucy health any sooner, he isn't looking forward to working together with Madelyn again.

Madelyn isn't happy working together with Nick either, but she had no choice. Since now she is the new administrator. She want to forget about the past of their relationship before the break up. But find it wasn't easy to forget. She try not to let Nick get any close to her or let herself fall for him again. Even when she know that Nick still have commitment issues that need to be confront.

But as the two work together with the teens issues, they learn not only how to help and understand the kids better but also a lesson about few things with each others. They were once victims too. What happen to them held lot of baggage issues that they need to confront and deal with it. Learn their mistakes, before they able to let go of the past and love each other again.

Part of the story focuses mainly on the group of teens and the difficulty of their lives that they face everyday. They deal with issues from broken home to being victims of the crimes. Each teenager was a challenge for both Nick and Madelyn or grow to love the kids. Especially the young teen girl who hide a big secret and had trouble keeping herself together, and stop being afraid. And a young boy who seem to think his life will be better by taken revenge against those who hurt him.

The Wrong Man For Her is emotional heart wrenching story about people finding love, trust and forgiveness. Well written story that is realistic and believable. It touch your heart and make you love each characters. And the romance portion of the story as well with issues on teenager were well done. Once again, Kathryn Shay have bring up a difficult topic but this time, it concern with kids issues today. Something we all need to think about :)

I always like to read Kathryn Shay books because she bring out the emotionally gripping and difficulty subject that is happening in our everyday lives. An emotional issues that need to be brought up and confront, no matter what type of job you are deal with. I applause to Shay for writing these type of stories and hope that her books will find it way to your heart too :)


Melody said...

Glad you enjoyed this one, Julia. I know you enjoyed reading her other series too. :)

Julia said...

Yep, I sure do enjoy reading Kathryn Shay series books.

I hope to find more "new to me authors" series books writer :)