Saturday, May 24, 2008

Flirtation by Samantha Hunter

Samantha Hunter's website
Publisher : Harlequin Blaze
ISBN-13: 9780373792399
4 stars

EJ, a undercover cop who working for the HotWires team, was investigation Charlotte Gerard who is running a online psychic scam called Because he think many of the client were robbed by Charlotte, he decided to pretend to be a client just to catch her on the scam. Everyone know that EJ is big time flirt. And he used it to his advantage on Charlotte. But when they met, thing are not as it seem to be. She grew to fall for him and felt there something special about EJ. All the cards point to the fact that they'll be passionate lovers. Then someone break in and crashed Charlotte house. EJ think it connected to the crime he was currently investigation. They both found themselves on the run but directly into each other arms, spark of desire and passion. Danger follow them where ever they go. Charlotte worry about her brother walking in danger and want to protect him too.

Flirtation is the third book of the HotWire series. It a easy fast pace reading. A delightful fun, hot spark with desire and passion.

I've read the first and the second book and enjoy them both. It been an awful long time since I read them, but reading the third book had refreshed my memory of the previous characters. One thing that bother me is Charlotte. I want to just bang her head to get her to realize things. The one where she insisted isn't the truth and kept believing what she think. Other then that, I like the book and enjoy it. :)


Alice Teh said...

Charlotte got your attention, Julia. LOL.

Melody said...

Glad you enjoyed her books, Julia. Charlotte sounds like an interesting character to read, hehe.

Julia said...

Alice & Melody, If the characters made me have slight or strong feeling about them -- then the author have done their job LOL!