Monday, June 23, 2008

Riding the Storm by Sydney Croft

Sydney Croft's website
Publisher: Dell Publishing
ISBN-13: 9780385340809
(Erotic Paranormal/Romance/Action Adventure)
4 stars

Remy Bengnaud, an ex-Navy SEALs, was born with a gift he never wanted: ability to control a storm's fury. He had the power to summon lighting at his will, emerge unscathed from the tornado and even strip a woman down to her barest defenses through his force of sexuality. A power that his enemies would kill to have and control.

Haley Holmes, Parameterologist who works for ACRO and the Agency for Covert Rare Operatives, mission was to go to Bayou Blond, in Louisiana to investigate Remy and reports if his abilities are true. And if it is, then they want to see if he can be recruited for ACRO. So she seduce him to gain his trust and them try to help him harness his extraordinary gift.

With his power and Mother Nature brewing the storm together, the only way Remy can control the brewing storm within inside himself, is that he need to make love to Haley. An unexpected delight of spark strike between the two and Remy wasn't sure if Haley is answer to help him control his power. But he find himself lusting for her when the storm come around. Haley fear she is falling in love with him. Worse fear thought is that when the enemy come to destroy Remy and he found out she betray him, he weren't want her anymore.

There are other characters that you will get to know as well. Since they are part of the plot in the story. At first, I thought I won't like the book because there were too many sex scenes but then realized that without those scenes, it weren't show the kind of power or the person that Remy is. I really not complaining about the sex to be honest *grin*. But after awhile, I thought there be no plot or even action. But it did later so I was relief. But I did enjoy the book and I think erotic romance reader will too :)

Riding the Storm was a powerful, erotic heat with emotion desired. Adventurous, thrilling that leave reader on edge. The chemistry between the two lead characters is powerful and steamy!

Riding the Storm is the first book to the erotic ACRO Series. The next book Unleashing the Storm is already out. But Seduced the Storm will be available on August 2008.

You do not need to read the first three book in order because each book and the romance plot stand on its own. However, the first three book has a plotline and arc that is from book one to book three. So to have a better, deeper understanding of the "storm" plot, reading them in order might help provided you in that understanding.

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