Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Don't Say A Word by Barbara Freethy

Barbara Freethy's Website
Publisher: Penguin Group (USA)
ISBN-13: 9780451216762
Pub. Date: October 2005
Romance Suspense
5 stars

Not sure why I waited too long to read this book. It has been in my TBR pile since the day I brought it. Which was in 2005. I kick myself for not reading it sooner. I did read Taken but thought it was okay (I may now have to re-read it to get refresh memory of the story) and didn't thought to pick up another of Freethy book quickly although her books have been in my TBR pile. I regret it now *grin*. And thanks to Darla "push", (hmm, I need to push her back *grin* hehe) I weren't have chose this to read for the summer :)

Julia DeMarco thought that she should be happy now that Michael had purposed to her a year ago, and they are now planning their December wedding in San Francisco. But thing went wrong, when she see a famous photograph of a little girl behind the iron gate outside the orphanage in Russia. What so startling to Julia is that, the image of the little girl has a striking resemblance to her and is wearing a swan necklace identical to the one she had as a child. Confused and hunted by uncertainty, Julia went on search to find her true identity. First she found the photographer who took the famous photo and then she discover the Russian dolls that her recently deceased mother left behind in a box. Suddenly things isn't what it seem. And now, the people Julia loved in her life become strangers. And the relationship with her mother, her sister and fiance has turn the world upside down by new revelations. And Julia is uncovering a dangerous mystery past, that still has the power to threaten her life and even change her future. The only person she can trust now is Alex Manning.

Alex Manning, a photographer, was hunted by his father last word to him before he died - "Don't Say a Word", after they took a shot of the photo 25 years ago, that the wasn't suppose to be seen. Now Alex think the mystery of his father death, could be a connection to the photograph of the Russian little girl. He was shocked to discover Julia identical image to the photograph and decided to not only help her uncover her past but to find out the mystery of his father death as well. Every step closer they took, bring them to a dangerous world as they travels across the country to find the answers.

Who is Julia, and why does the world want her? What is the world not suppose to see from the photo of the little Russian girl? And why is someone threaten to come after her now, after 25 years?

Don't Say A Word was a romantic, suspenseful, intrigue, hold-your-breath page-turner book. It grab you from the first page and you won't be able to put it down. Non stop action and a plenty of great surprise twist!

My only tiny problem with this book is the romance between the main character (Julia and Alex), even though there is romance and it was great -- it just wasn't enough to me. I didn't feel enough connection with them. I like them and thought their romance were sweet. It not big deal, just tiny problem. But the good new is, the story focus more on the suspense and mystery which is good enough for me. So I will say there is 50/50 romance and suspense -- which is plus for me. And I had problem with Liz, who annoyed me to no end. Other then that Don't Say a Word is a great read!

I've read Barbara Freethy's Taken and like them. It was the only book I have read so far. But since after reading this book, I hope to find more Freethy's books like this one!

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