Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Thunderstruck by Roxanne St. Claire

Roxanne St. Claire's website
Publisher: Harlequin
ISBN-13: 9780373217717
4 stars

End of school, PCS time, beginning of summer--everybody's busy. So for June, read a book with fewer than 250 pages.

Examples from Darla shelves:
Axel of Evil by Alina Adams (216 pages)
Mystery Mile by Margery Allingham (222 pages)
Anyone But You by Jennifer Crusie (184 pages)

Let us know what you read, how it fit the challenge, how you liked it, and how long it had been in your TBR pile. Either post it here on the comment page, or leave a link and I will visit your blog and read it :)


I chose Thunderstruck by Roxanne St. Claire. Even though the book end the pages at 256, the story of the book itself ended at 245 pages (not counting promo *grin*). This would be the first time I read Roxanne's non Bullet Catcher series (<~~~ I'm HUGE fan of this series! I recommend it!). So I wasn't sure what to expect. I know nothing about car racing in NASCAR except that they race against other. But usually I tend to enjoyed books that I know nothing about (car, bodyguard, cop..etc). Some entertain me and other just doesn't. What interesting about Thunderstruck is that Roxanne show knowledgeable about the sport of NASCAR and it showed in the book and the story line of this book.

Shelby Jackson, the co-owner of the Thunder Racing, was shocked when her grandfather announced that he retiring and want to sell half of his share of Thunder Racing to famous soccer star Mick Churchill. Because he know nothing about NASCAR car racing, she refuse to give in and share. But Mick has the media savvy and team building skills, so the team need him. Even Shelby weren't admit it that Mick is just what Thunder Racing need for her team. Shelby wasn't sure if Mick would wreck havoc into her life, but she know that there is chemistry between them that she can't hide.

Thunderstruck was a fast pace read with exciting roar of car racing through the pages. It detailed and the heroes is likable. I would have like Shelby more if she wasn't so quick to judge if she give someone a chance. Her hot temper and stubbornness sometime annoyed me. But then seeing on her side, I can understand her reason to refuse outsider to shared the family owned property. Beside that, I enjoy what I've read. Pick up the book, you will enjoy it :)

I said earlier that I'm big fan of Bullet Catcher series. I highly recommend it. It a good dose of romance and suspense mixed in together and action :) If you click the link that said "Roxanne St. Claire Website" you can get the list of the series in order :)


Melody said...

I'm wondering if you've bought her latest Bullet Catcher book "First You Run"? Is this part of her previous Bullet Catcher series, or is it a beginning of a new series??

Julia said...

Yes I did buy "First You Run" and it is Bullet Catcher book BUT....It a new TRILOGY Bullet Catcher book. And "First You Run" is the first book to that trilogy.

I know...confusing. The books I've been reading lately are the SERIES Bullet Catcher. But if you read her website, you will understand it more. I give you info on it :)

I hope am correct, if am wrong..someone can jump in and tell me so :)