Saturday, June 14, 2008

You've Got Male by Elizabeth Bevarly

Elizabeth Bevarly Website
Publisher: Harlequin
ISBN-13: 9780373772766
5 stars

*notice* - the book cover above, is the re-issue. If you want to see the original book cover, click HERE *end notice*

Avery Nesbitt, who work for the online Invulnerable Incorporated, thought she might have fallen in love, with Andrew Paddington who she chat with online. She thought he was the one, until she discover he had "cheated" on her. And had decided to built a virus to his computer. Unknown to her that someone have been watching her under surveillance by his agency for some time now. She soon discover that the man she thought she in love with is actually a criminal pursuits called "The Sorcerer," aka Andrew - whose real name is Adrian. And now she must go under OPUS help, to catch the guy.

Dixon, an undercover OPUS, have been under surveillance Avery because he assumes that she is part of Adrian's criminal Pursuits. He had wanted to get his hand on Adrian Padgett (as known as Andrew) for the OPUS for years. But he is after him for his own personal reason. But after he seen the virus that she almost set up, he went in her home to stop her. But discover later instead that in the past she have been in jail, for the famous computer Virus she created that was legend all over the world, 10 years ago. Since Avery already connect to Adrian, the OPUS decided to ask her for help to drawn him out and capture him. But to do that and be safely protected, she had to go back to her childhood home. The home where she was banished from her own family, after she went to jail 10 years ago.

But coming home again, was just as strange. Everything that belong to Avery was strip out from the house. Her name was never spoken of since. It was as if Avery never existed. And her family continue to behave differently toward her, once she return home. But thank to Dixon being there (he was assigned to assistance her to find Adrian), or she weren't know how she be able to face her family again. She found herself caring about him and even fallen in love too.

Secondary characters - Agent Tanner met Carly, when he was assigned to follow Dixon to assistance Avery at her home. At first they were hate at first sight but then their attraction for each other grew. No matter of their age different, their heart kept them closer.

You've Got Male was a light hearted comedy romance with little edge that was emotional with family issues. Steamy scenes that sizzle the pages. A very funny, easy pace read and good book!

This isn't just a light-hearted romantic comedy. It has some very funny parts but a some of them centered around Avery and her childhood background that give you sense of the person that Avery has became. Her character is understandable and you just want to hug her. The two main characters just seem to complete one another :) Beside the part that some sentences that I saw that were repeat twice (which annoyed me so much)in few of the pages, I like the book anyway.

This is first to the official OPUS Series, however this story took place right after the ending of Just Like A Man with a character debut from You've Got Male. Not sure if you would miss anything, but if you feel you must, read JLAM first and then YGM. Below is the list of the books in order it published

OPUS series *notice* All books cover are re-issued *end notice*

Just Like A Man (loosely connected)
You've Got Male
Express Male
Overnight Male


Alice Teh said...

This one sounds fun, Julia! I think I saw it in the bookstore but can't be sure...

Julia said...

Hey Alice, I hope you give this book a try. So far, from the people I know -- they like it too :) How was your weekend?

Alice Teh said...

Weekend's good, Julia. I hope yours great too. I signed up as a supporter and donor with WWF Malaysia, and played with some cats at SPCA booth at a shopping mall. Very happy. :D

Julia said...

ALice - not sure what WWF is, but am sure if I go up to your blog..I'll found out heheh. But you're always a generous person to help out with donor and supporter :)