Thursday, June 12, 2008

Thursday Thirteen: Edition #41

My Favorite things: In Death series"

I'm going to do something a little different only for this week. Usually I would list favorite things that start with each letter from alphabet. When it came to do the letter "I" I got stuck. Because it just seem the books, movies, songs, I listed are repeat from the previous letters and I don't want to repeat myself. So instead of listing each items with letter "I", I'm going to give you 13 reason why you should read the In Death series written by JDRobb aka Nora Roberts. And since "In Death" start with the letter "I" *big grin*, I decided to use it. I know, it too simple list -- but it is one of my favorite series, and it awesome! I hope you pick this series up and read it anyway *grin*....

In Death series

- futuristic
- Eve and Roarke marriage/relationship
- secondary characters/ relationship
- police procedure
- action
- intense
- family
- love
- friendship
- laughter/humors
- well written books
- kick butt
- crime

If you already read this book, how would you describe the series?

1. Melody: Booking Through Thursday
2. Juliana: Random Thought, Travel Blog
3. Darla: Things Not Miss About old House
4. Susan: The Music Store
5. Alice: The Little Safari Tale
6. Pussreboots: Rainbow Books
7. Jennifer: Top Favorite Sequels

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Melody said...

Very clever, Julia! You listed out 13 reasons why you love the In Death series instead of listing 13 items that begins with an 'I', hehe...

Julia said...

Melody - lol, I thought so too! Glad you like it hehe. Hopefully next week the "J" items would be easier this time ;)

Picturing of Life said...

hmm...i never read that book before.

Mine in here Thanks

Darla said...

I think you covered pretty much everything, Julia! :-)

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

I've got the first in the series here... somewhere. *sigh* Too much to read, not enough time to sit and do it.

Alice Teh said...

You go, Julia! *holds pom pom and cheers*

Yep, I agree with your 13 reasons - very well covered, dear friend. :)

Julia said...

Juliana - I think you should try reading In Death, it awesome!

Darla - Thanks! I'm glad I covered everything about this series. And you know, I'm really behind in reading the newest books. I haven't catch up yet, as I should *grin*

Susan - I so understand how too much to read can not give enough times to sit down and read it. I hope someday you find that times to read it, and I would love to hear your thoughts on it :)

Alice - *dancing while Alice cheer* - Thanks for being my cheerleader *grin*. And thanks for your comments

Thanks everyone for stopping by, I wish you a good Thursday!

pussreboots said...

I haven't read the series.

Jennifer McKenzie said...

I've heard such awesome things about this series. For some reason, I'm still reluctant to invest the time and money.
I'm still considering it though.

Julia said...

Pussreboots and Jennifer - You both should try the In Death. Is there a way for you to check it out from the library and read the first book? This way you won't worry about losing the money on the book, if you end up not liking it :)

But it worth the reading! Thanks you both for visiting my blog - hope you come back again! Have a good weekend!