Thursday, July 17, 2008

Thursday Thirteen: Edition #44

My Favorite things: Start With "L's"

So last week, I listed my favorite things start with letter "K". Today I begin with the letter "L". Of course you know it hard to list 13 every Thursday. Because some favorite will be cut from list. So I decided to add a Bonus that was cut. Hope you enjoy!

1. La Femme Nikita series (TV show)- Many years ago, I was late in watching this show. I started right smack in the middle of the season, and I saw few episode. I kept forgetting the day it is to be on, so I missed alot of episodes. When I found it again, I think the show was half way going to end of it series finale. Later it move to another channel, but I never knew which one. So I missed everything. I was upset. But many years later, thanks to Netflix, I saw the whole season from the beginning to the end of series finale season 4. Because of fan protest, they continue it to season 5 and end it there even though the series officially ended at season 4.

2. Landen (person) - The cute, adorable, mysteries, funny but silly little 4 years old boy who I babysit and love dearly. His mother and I are childhood best friend. I think of her as my sister. Landen is such a sweetheart even when he have his bad days. But he big boy now and well start school for first time this year.

3. Linda Howard (romance suspense author)- She does very well writing intense sexy hot scenes. There plenty of books that I've enjoy and would recommend. I think I like most of her older books then the recent one. Because it had great characters, great plot, actions and hot scenes.

4. Lora Leigh (erotic author)- Another hot sexy scenes author. I love her Tempting Seals series. Also her Breeds series. Worth reading :)

5. Lori Foster (author)- Another author who write sexy books. I think my favorite of her would be The Buckhorn Brothers series. I love all the brothers. But then The Winston Brothers was also good but among those books, I like "Say No To Joe" the best. He my favorite :)

6. Lasagna (foods)- I love to eat it. There even a frozen double cheese Lasagna that I always buy and put it in the oven to heat it. It so good :) If I knew how to make Lasagna, I would have serve it for dinner more then once.

7. Lucille Ball (actress) - I grown up watching her movies and I Love Lucy when I was younger. She always make me laugh no matter what she does. My whole family would sit, watch her show and just laugh. Especially my mom.

8. Laughter (thing)- I love to laugh. Someone telling jokes, say something funny or I read something that was funny tend to make me laugh. You might see me joking (or being silly) around with someone, that my habit. But it didn't meant to be hurtful or be mean. If ever you thought I did, I didn't meant it. I always say "Laughter" is great medicine.

9. Lake House, The - (movie)Really enjoy this movie. Here the info on the movie: In Chicago, the lonely architect Alex Wyler has a troubled relationship with his father Simon Wyler. In 2004, he buys an old glass house in a lake, designed and built by his father, and he finds a message in his mailbox from the former tenant, the also lonely Dr. Kate Forster, asking to deliver her correspondence in an address downtown. Alex meets his brother Henry in Chicago and when they go to the address with Dr. Forster's correspondence, they find a building of luxury apartments under construction to be delivered eighteen months later. After some messages, Alex and Kate disclose that she is living in 2006 and Alex in 2004, they fall in love for each other and they try to find means to meet each other.

10. Legend of the Fall (movie) - OMG I love this movie! Worth watching and who can help but fall for both men, Brad Pitt and Aidan Quinn ~~ YUM!

11. Lethal Weapon series (movie) - love the movie! It funny with lot of good action in them. Mel Gibson was hot in his young days too! *grin*

12. Lady in Red (sung by Chris DeBurgh) - I think I was in love by the instrumental sound of the song, not just only the lyrics. When I listen to it, it made me smile.

13. Lost (TV show) - I LOVE this show! I know lot of people couldn't enjoy the show because they are confused. If they had follow from the beginning then they weren't be...well...lost LOL ! It great show, it has mysterious, action, great characters, story line..etc. Just about everything. Oh and one thing Sawyer (Josh Holloway) is MINE! *grin* I can't wait until it come back in 2009

- Long Kiss Goodnight, The (move)
- Lion King, The (movie)- what can I say, I love Disney movies!
- Lord of the Ring, The (movie trilogy)Love it and brought it *grin*
- Lost Boys, The (movie) - had a crush on Corey Haim *grin*
- Love is the Battlefield (sung by Pat Benatar) - I always thought she is the queen of rock! Love this song!
- Living on a Prayer (sung by Bon Jovi)
and many more!

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Melody said...

Great 'L' list, Julia! ;)
I love Linda Howard's books, especially her older ones. After the Night is soooo good! Cry No More is quite emotional to me... and that's one of my favourites. Lora Leigh is equally great too!

Julia said...

Melody - After the Night was so good, I agree. One of my favorite!! I love most of her older books, because it show Linda's signature trademark on that one. Geez, I feel like doing a re-read of her old books now - and yes, I know. You don't do re-read *grin* Thanks for stopping by and being the first to comment :)

Alice Teh said...

Laughter is indeed the best medicine. I totally agree with you, Julia. :D What an eye-poppin' L list. LOL.

pussreboots said...

I know a really good Lasagna napoli recipe. Happy TT.

Julia said...

Alice - Wonderful that we both agree on the laughter being good medicine. And thanks for your comments :)

Pussreboots - Would love to have the recipes if you know it *grin*