Saturday, July 12, 2008

Beyond Fearless by Rebecca York

Rebecca York's website
Publisher: Penguin Group(USA)
Pub. Date: December 2007
ISBN-13: 9780425218662
Paranormal Romance
4 stars

From the back bookcover blurb :

On the lush Caribbean island of Grand Fernandino, Anna Ridgeway is working her "magic." Blessed with uncanny psychic abilities since she was a child, she now uses her gift in a mind-reading act at a nightclub. But she's been plagued with a sense of impending danger since she arrived on Grand Fernandino. Her feelings are confirmed when evil forces coalesce around her and international treasure hunter Zachary Robinson.

At first, Ann fears Zach's very presence. But when they touch, their physical and psychic bond astonishes them. They find they share a common past - and an uncommon passion for each other. But there is a sinister figure from long ago who will never allow their love to survive. A man who has been hunting them all their lives...

End Backcover blurb

This is Rebecca York's 2nd book to the Beyond gripping romantic saga which begun in Beyond Control. At first I was confuse with what going on but as I continue to read, it suddenly start to make sense. The bond between Zach and Anna was intense and steamy, even when I thought it was too quick that they fall for each other so soon. But that might be because their bond goes way back when they knew each other when they were young. And the way they had to do thing, in order to read each other mind was sorta strange but VERY steamy. But beside all that, I thought the book was good. I enjoy it as I do with all of Rebecca York's books, that I've read so far. The main characters were likable and there a good action to it. Then there are danger, someone lurking in the shadow who want Anna for his own reason and trying to separate her from Zach. And another lurker who wanting to help them.

Beyond Fearless was a very sensual, exciting, fast paced edge-of-the-seat thrills. It was an imaginative plot with good creative psychic world. Grab you from the first page, keep you turning the pages until the end.

I think it fair to say you can read the book as stand alone. However to understand more about the story Sega, you must read the first book Beyond Control before you read this one :)

But I'm fan of her MOON series. It book about werewolves and they are as good as her Beyond Sega.


Melody said...

Not sure if this is the book I got for you, but I'm glad you're enjoying this series, Julia!

Alice Teh said...

Sounds just like the series for you, Julia. :)

Julia said...

Melody - I think it is the book you got for me. I try looking for Rebecca York in my TBR pile but see none or unless I miss it and didn't look carefully

Alice - I love reading series books, couldn't you tell? *grin*

Alice Teh said...

I definitely can tell, Julia! You're the series queen. Long live Queen Julia! :D

Julia said...

*chuckle* Alice - I just love reading series books :)