Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Thursday Thirteen: Edition # 45

My Favorite things: Start With "M's"

This week, I'm listing my favorite things that start with the letter "M". I must admit there was LOTs of favorite "M" that I wish I could list them all here, but unfortunately we can only listed 13. However, I did add an bonus to a few of my most favorite that was cut from the list *grin*. I'm sure I forget other favorite, but "it" will know that I was thinking of them ;)

1. "Melody" (person) - A very special, dear and good friend of mine from online. "Met" her through Lori Foster's message board. And then from there, we continue to chat through emails. We became friend ever since. *HUGS!* :)

2. "Midnight Bayou" (book)- written by Nora Roberts

3. "Montana Sky" (book) - written by Nora Roberts

4. "Midnight Rainbow" (book) - written by Linda Howard. It book #1 of the Kell Sabin series in 1986

5. The Mackenzie series (book) - written by Linda Howard. Another series that became my favorite. There are 5 books total. Mackenzie's Mountain, Mackenzie's Mission, Mackenzie's Pleasure, Mackenzie's Magic and A Game of Chance.

6. "Match Me If You Can" (book) - written by Susan Elizabeth Phillips. Another favorite series of Chicago Star series

7. "Mind Game" (book) - written by paranormal author, Christine Feehan. This is book #2 of the Ghostwalker series. It has physic, military, science stuff.

8. "Megan's Mark (book) - written by Lora Leigh. This is book #7 of The Breeds series. paranormal - Werewolves and other animals shape shifted.

9. Mystic Pizza (movie) starring Julia Roberts, Annabeth Gish and Lili Taylor This was the movie I saw and discover Julia Roberts, that hit in 80's. Then I went back and saw all of her movies that she has been in. I love all the movies! Although Steel Magnolias is my favorite, I still love Mystic Pizza the best. Because it childhood thing, for me.

10. "Mulan" (movie) - I love this movie. Not only because it Disney movie, but the whole plot of the story just seem realistic. I love that there a strong Asian woman who was brave enough to take over her father position to honor the family name.

11. "MacGyver" (TV show) - from the 80's. Was a former Special Forces agent now working for the Phoenix Foundation hero. It action packed and the stuff he can do to built using tidbits of scientific knowledge and ordinary items that happened to be lying around, was fab!

12. Madonna (artist singer)- I only like her musics from the 80's to 90's. Back then those are the one I listen to the most. And those songs are more the kind I listen to. Now these days, her musics is so so.

13. M&M (candy) - Especially the one with the almond in it (the plain one is good too). I always buy them when I go grocery stores for foods *grin*

Bonus List (that was cut):
- "Making Love Out of Nothing At All (song) - sung by an artist group call Air Supply. sue me....just because I like the group and their songs. They may sound cheesy but I love the songs and this one is one of my favorite. Although I know all of their songs ;)
- "Mr. & Mrs. Smith" (move) starring: Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie
- "My Cousin Vinny" (movie) starring: Joe Pesci, Ralph Macchio, Marisa Tomei. A very funny movie
- "Mission Impossible" (movie) starring:Tom Cruise. I love the action of the movie and everything.

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Melody said...

Julia, I feel so honoured to be listed as the first in your list! Thank you so much!! You're a GREAT friend! {Hugs}

I haven't read those books by NR yet, but I know how much you love her books!!! :) And I love M&M! It's also my daughter's favourite, hehe.

Julia said...

Well Melody, you are my number 1 favorite "M" *grin*. I'm glad that we are friend too *hugs*!...we've been friend for far too long! Please please read those two NR books. I think you will like it :) Awww your daugher and I have something in common *grin*..hehe. Thanks for stopping by. I know I can always count on you :)

Melody said...

Wow, I'm flattered!!! Thanks again, girl! :D

Hootin' Anni said..., it's been ages since I've seen that program.

Mine's posted. Stop by for a visit if you can.

Qtpies7 said...

Well, lets see, I bet you are a book lover? LOL Great list!

Alice Teh said...

Weee~! I saw Melody's name listed. She is indeed a special gal. :D

Melody said...

Thank you, Alice! :D