Sunday, July 27, 2008

High Noon by Nora Roberts

Nora Roberts' Website
Romance Suspense
Publisher: Penguin Group (USA)
Pub. Date: July 2007
ISBN-13: 9780399154348
4 stars

It nothing new that Nora Roberts is auto buy for me. I've enjoyed all of her books and has some favorite (Honest Illusion, Midnight Bayou, Carolina Moon, Three Fates, Carnal Innocence, Chesapeake Bay series, Three Sister Island..etc). I brought High Noon when it first released in hardcover (I know it recently released it in paperback this month). I didn't start to read it until now because too many other books want me to read them first - including Nora's Angels Fall *grin*. Pretty soon, I'll be reading Tribute ~~ I can't wait! As I begin to read, I sat in my comfortable bed and start to get into the wonderful world of Nora story *grin*.....(p.s. forigve me for my reviews with errors)

When Police Lieutenant Phoebe was young, she had experience a horrible hostage situation from a violent unstable man who broke into her home, trapped and terrorizing her family for hours. Now that she have grown up, she became Savannah's top hostage negotiator. She had put her life into dangerous line and risk everything. Even when it mean protecting her seven year old daughter, Carly and her agoraphobic mother.

Duncan Swift, fell hard for Phoebe when he watched her negotiated with one of his employee from the roof ledge. Fascinated and intrigued with Phoebe, he want to be committed to her. But when Phoebe was brutally assaults, deeply shaken by a unknown man at her precinct and threatening messages was deliver to her doorstep, she decided to take the matter on her own hand and bring down the person who did this to her. Even when her tormentor wanted to make her become a fearful hostage, Duncan is there to help her catch the guy.

Knowing me, I have to have a fair equal amount of balance for both romance and suspense in my book to be satisfied of the book as whole. This is my preference in romance suspense. I felt that in High Noon the suspense have taken over mostly of the book, even though there seem to be fair enough romance in them. There wasn't MORE intense, MORE heat or any interaction between the heroine/heroe. It was mutual attraction at first then it slowly builds from there. The suspense was great! While reading the book, I thought I was in the "In Death" world except minus the futuristic and weird object stuff used in the JDRobb's books. Phoebe reminded me of Eve Dallas, except she is more soft heart even though both women are a strong person. And then I thought Duncan reminded me of Roarke too. It seem like Phoebe and Duncan relationship too similar to Even and Roarke. Was Nora thinking of Eve and Roarke when she wrote High Noon? The suspense part was what grab me to the book. There is a few intense and emotionally scenes that just might be too hard for some reader to handle. But the scenes was very well written that you can feel the characters emotions. Physically and emotionally.

I wish there were more interaction with characters. And I wish the fact that there so many things being said about something or someone but none have gone anywhere that much. Beside that, while this is a very good my least favorite.

High Noon was an action suspense with lot of scenes on police stuff. It a pages turner, wanting to know "whodunit" and solving the case at the end. Just a little romance, but enough to be a little satisfied of the HEA. Strong heroine and likable hero. A good book reading!


Melody said...

Julia, I thought you'd have picked up this book to read the moment you bought it, because I know you're a huge NR fan! ;P

I really enjoyed this one, because the suspense is great! I like reading strong heroines, hehe.

Julia said...

Melody - I normally do start reading NR books when I brought them. But as I mention on this post, I was already reading Nora's Angels Fall so I couldn't get to High Noon *grin*...

Very glad to hear you enjoy the book. As I always said, people shouldn't say they won't read the book just because the other person didn't enjoy it. Read it first. It might surprise them that they end up enjoying it after all. ;)

And I like strong heroine too *grin*

Thanks for commenting!

ReneeW said...

When I first started this book the heroine reminded me of Eve but as I kept reading I realized that Roberts had made her a completely different character. Much softer and more vulnerable, but still a strong character. I liked her a lot. I gave this one the same grade you did. Very enjoyable read.

Alice Teh said...

I finally have this one in my TBR, some time in May, I think...

Julia & Melody, I'm itching to start reading The Hollow by Nora Roberts. Will we be reading this together? If yet, I'll wait. :D

Melody said...

Alice, I don't have the itch to read The Hollow soon. ;P Why not you and Julia go ahead? :)

Julia said...

Reneew - you right, the different is that Phoebe is much softer and more vulnerable but yet at same time she is strong. I like her too, and am glad you enjoy the book. Thanks for stopping by :)

Alice - I think I have read your review for High Noon, am I correct? You did great review on it, more than I :)

Alice - As for reading The Hollow by NR...well...I have too many books that I'm reading all at same times at the moment. One is very thick book written by Diana Gabaldon, could last me three weeks to be done. The other one is Lori Foster (plus other authors) anthology and it very quick read. Should be done with that one soon. And lastly, the currently book that I'm reading "Wrong Place, Wrong Time" by Andrea Kane.

I have delay reading Hollow for some time now, so am thinking I may have to read it soon. When do you want to read this book, Alice? We probably will have to read it a few Chapters at a time, like we did the last time --- Let me know :)

Alice Teh said...

Hi Julia, I think you've read Melody's review and not mine - I haven't started on High Noon yet... :)

I can read The Hollow any time, whenever you're ready. If Melody can join in as well, that'd be so fun. =)

Julia said...

Alice - So sorry! If I knew that you haven't read High Noon, I would have asked you to join-read with me. I thought you already read it...sowwie. But I think you will like this book. Read it. I would love to hear your review on it, eventually :) I would have to do a search for Melody review on this.....*grin*

Hmmm.....maybe we can read The Hollow sometime this coming week? Which days work for you? I know Melody won't read along with us, this time :)

Alice Teh said...

Oooo that's nice, Julia! I can start on Monday or any day.

*waiting for Julia's green light to flash*

Julia said...

okai doki - if we start on Monday your time, then it'll be Sunday mine teehehehe. That alright with you? *grin*

Alice Teh said...

We can start Tue (mine) and Monday (yours). Shall we? weeee~~!