Thursday, September 18, 2008

Thursday Thirteen: Edition # 47

My Favorite things: Start With "O's"

1. Outlander series (book written by Diana Gabaldon)
2. "Out of Control" (book written by Suzanne Brockmann)
3. "Over the Edge" (book written by Suzanne Brockmann)
4. "Over the Edge" (book written by Shannon Mckenna)
5. Olympics (favor the Winter more than Summer but love both)
6. Ocean Eleven" series (movie)
7. Outback Steak House (restaurant)
8. Oatmeal Raisin Cookies
9. Open Arm" (sung by Journey - Steve Perry)
10. "Oliver" (the movie)
11. Olive Garden (Italian Restaurant)
12. Omelette (mom verison)
13. October (because my birthday hit on that month teehehe)

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1. Alice:Googled "Alice Need"
2. Jo: Last Week TTs to Share Happy 50th TTs!
3. Alice: KL Bird Park Part 1
4. pussreboots: Can you guess how old I am?
5. Melody: Friday Finds

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Alice Audrey said...

Great "O" books!

My tt is at

JO said...

great list.

Here's my 50th entry -- Thanks.

Alice Teh said...

Oh Julia, you're an October baby! Very cool. :D

Me likes omelette too but have to stay away from eggs and a whole of other foods for the time being. Still being cautious to let my allergy heal completely.

pussreboots said...

Happy upcoming birthday.

Melody said...

I've been waiting to read this post, Julia! LOL.

Great list! Looks like my baby will share the same month as you, hehe...

Julia said...

Alice Audrey - Thanks for comments!

Jo - Thank, and Happy 50th TTs!

Alice - Thanks, and being October baby might not seem bad, consider it near the Autumn season teehehe. I hope you get well soon, so that you can eat all your favorite anytime you want :)

Pussreboot - Thanks for the Happy upcoming Birthday wish!

Melody - LOL, I must be old already while you were waiting for this psot! Thanks for comments and again for being my cheerleader and pusher when I seem to take things slow........

Thanks EVERYONE for visiting and comments my blog. I wish you all have a good day!

Darla said...

Ack!!! I can't believe I missed you last week! Sorry, sweetie!

I'm amazed you came up with 13 for "O"--can't wait to see what you do with "X". hehe.

Julia said...

Darla - No worry! I've been bad with keeping up with TTs on daily week basic. So you weren't have known if I posted my TTs for that weeks or not.

I admit though, It get a little harder to do other letters as I move along. Some are easy and other...are not. Couldn't finish the "P" for this week (even though I got some) because it doesn't stop at 13..know what I mean *grin*...

But thanks for stopping by, Darla. I hope your weeks have been good since your move :)