Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Trial by Fire by Jo Davis

Jo Davis website
(Romance Suspense) 4 1/2 stars
Publisher: Penguin Group (USA)
Pub. Date: August 2008
ISBN-13: 9780451224774

Jo Davis is a new author and her first debut book Trial by Fire is a romantic suspense series coming from Signet Eclipse was released on August 2008. The series involved the firefighters of Station Five. I got this book when a friend pass it to me. I knew ahead of times, about the author and what it about by words of the mouths. I'm so glad I got to read it because I really enjoy it. My thanks to the person who passed it to me *grin*

After a big and sexy Howard Paxton, the chief of Station Five/EMT, and his team put out the fire of the house Kate was house sitting, they discover a naked dead body chained into the bed post. Then Howard suddenly get this strange photos of a woman, and then realized it was the same woman who they discover from the house they just smoked out earlier, alive before she was burned dead. After the second murder, Howard received a gruesome "gift" items and detail of recent arson fire that is connected to the arsonist/murderer and..... his past.

Howard tried to buried the memory of the "ghost" in his past. He don't like to talk about it to anyone. Not even to his firefighter "brother" and his adoptive parents, who he loves all of them dearly. But he always been there for them as much as they there for him. When the second victim died from the house fire, it become obvious that the women are killed because of him. Someone out to get him because he been the targeted by the murderer. Howard fear for Kate life, who had finally help him to open up and talk about his problem. She also finally show him the new meaning of life.

Why does the murderer want to hurt him? And what does each items, that the murderer left behind for him to find....mean?

Trial by Fire is a very emotional and intense book. At one point you will feel heart broken and then you want to cry. Reader might be uncomfortable with some of the gruesome violent done in one particular scene. And there is a tiny twist to the story. Other then that, the book is truly romantic. This book also sizzle the pages and it it made me laugh few times. And the relationship between the "brothers" firefighter were fun, warmth and heartfelt. I like that the heroine is strong and doesn't run or hide from trouble. And Howard is a sexy, torture guy who you just can't help but want to hug and love him. The story, the characters, a light humors and the deep emotions are all well done. I really enjoy it!!

This is going to be a part of an on going series, about a group of firefighter from Station Five. You'll see a glimpse of some of the characters who stories will be told as each installment books released. If you are familiar to Kathryn Shay's firefighter books (series/trilogy), then you would love Jo Davis's Firefighter of Station Five series! I'm looking forward to read more about Jo's Station Five! :)

Grade: 4 1/2 stars


Alice Teh said...

Hi Julia! Nice to see you posting and this is a great review. I haven't read anything about firefighters before. Who knows, one day, I just might? Hehehe...

Julia said...

LOL Alice, it so nice to hear from you! I hope you're feeling better :)

I really enjoy reading this books and hope that someday you'll give it a try :) Maybe your sister would like to read it?

Melody said...

Julia, I've not read anything by this author yet, but this sounds like a good read! I love reading about alpha heroes anytime! LOL.

Jo Davis said...

Thank you for the wonderful review, Julia! You've made my week. :) I hope you enjoy Zack's story, UNDER FIRE (coming in May), as much as you did Howard's. I love my Station Five boys...


Julia said...

Melody - Me and you both, liking to read alpha heroes! Even torture heroes are great! And anytime you ready to do joint-reading with me - let me know :)

Jo Davis - HI, thanks you for stopping by. It was an great honor to read your book. I enjoy it! I can't wait to read Zack's book, am looking forward to read the rest of the Station Five boys! Did I mention I love reading about firemen/firefighter? *grin* I hope you have a good day!