Monday, October 06, 2008

Birthday Travelogue - of sort *grin*

Thanks EVERYONE for your Birthday Shout Out :) I celebrate my birthday on Saturday and I had great fun! My mom brought some crabs when I woke up at noon. Wonderful to wake up to everyone say in sing song voice "Happy Birthday" to me. My family know how much I love to eat crabs, one of few of my favorite foods ;)

After I ate, I went to check my emails and saw all the wonderful Happy Birthday shout out from friends and relatives (thanks you guys!).

Then my niece Trish took me to Barnes and Noble for awhile (yes I brought some books and I will post it later teehehe). We were in the bookstore for nearly two hours ( yes I take that long. If you lucky and alive, I could take forever - as my niece Trish like to say *grin*).

When we left from Barnes and Noble we went to the Whole Food Market where I got myself a slight of mushroom pizza and cola, a treat from Trish (who got herself some seafood sandwich and my little brother ate some slight of pepperoni pizza). And then we went to the mall for little bit to pass the time before we head to the movie theater that was across the street from the mall. There is a Border Bookstore that just open recently across from the mall too and Trish knowing that I love books took me there. I didn't get any book since I got most of the one that I wanted already when I went to Barnes and Noble earlier. But I browse through the shelves and admired it sitting there LOL ! Trish like to remind me about what I did last month - she still can't believe that on the day of the Borders grand opening, I walk in and went straight to the romance section. And then walk directly to the first bookshelves I see and open my arms to reach as many as books my little hand could reach and "hugs" it while I place my face against the books, breathe in and out to smell the scents of the books. My niece stood next to me, and saw all this happening. She looked at me and then she roll her eyes upward as she quietly whisper "Oh my god" and then she slowly move her hand to the side of her face to cover her eyes from looking at me. And pretend like she doesn't know me and started to look around LOL ! I started to laugh then ;)

After we left the mall, we went straight to the movie theater. We saw "The Women" which I enjoyed. It chick lit romance comedy. I was really aiming for some action adventures with romance and comedy mix in together (since that is mostly what I love to watch) but there none that playing. At lease none that I've not already seen. Or the one I want to watch, are no longer showing there (guess I have to wait to Netflix it).

After the movie, we decided to go to Romano's Macaroni Grill for dinner - an Italian restaurant (a treat from my parent who couldn't make it - but well make up for it next week). For appetizer, we had crabmeat Stuffed Mushroom (YUM!) and some garlic bread. And then I order to eat Mama Trio - which is a three Italian classics : Primo Chicken Parmesan, Layers of Lasagna and Chicken Cannelloni (triple YUM!). Trish had Lobster Ravioli and little brother had Primo Chicken Parmesan. And then, because it was my birthday the waitress treat me to a free Smothered Chocolate Cake filled with nuts sprinkle on top. She also said the lady who normally come out to sing Happy Birthday was not working today (THANK YOU god!) so on behalf of staff from Macaroni Grill, they wish me Happy Birthday.

We went home after that, full and stuffed from all the foods. My sister call to wish me Happy Birthday as I walk inside the house. And then as I walk in to my room, there is a birthday bag sitting on my bed. Open it and it a picture frames, a gift from my friend and her kids.

And then it was time to gather around and they sang Happy Birthday to me - a personal singing from Trish and little brother. My cake isn't the classic cake that kids eat now these days. Instead my Birthday cake is a consisted of 6 small slice variety of Cheesecakes. They are: NY Style, Strawberry Swirl, Triple Chocolate, Chocolate Marble, Mississippi Mud and Turtle. YUM!

While I don't like the thought of me getting!....I did had the bestest birthday! :) It was a wonderful surprises treat from both my parents and my niece Trish. And...well...there is pictures of me with my Cheese Cake, supposedly to be my birthday cake.... but...I dunno if I want to post it - I look blah and terrible LOL! I will post pictures of the books, the presents and the foods that I got. Including my supposedly Birthday cake, for this year *grin*. Look for it in the next entry post :)

Thanks again everyone for the Birthday Shout Out! :)


Alice Teh said...

Thanks for filling us up on your BIG day! Wow, that's lots of good stuff you have there!

Me likes to see your books pics and all. Can't wait, can't wait! LOL.

Melody said...

Aww... I missed your birthday, Julia! Anyway, Happy belated Birthday!!! I'm glad you had an enjoyable day! :D

Julia said...

Thanks Alice and Melody! It sure was fun (even though I hate the thought of me getting old-ER..grr!)

I will post my pictures soon!