Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween Everyone!

Pumpkins Carving 2008

I hope you have fun taking your kids to Trick or Treating. Or if you going to Costume party, I hope it was lot of blast of dancing ;)

Below are the pumpkins Trish, little brother Mike and I carved this year. Trish carved the Haunted House (the one to left) and Mike carved the grave stone with the word "R.I.P" on it and the little ghost next to the stone (the one to middle). And I carved the Witch (the one to right). It was easy to make with the pattern papers that we brought to go with the tools to carved the pumpkins. Although it look messy, it does look really good when it dark outside and the candles is lighted inside. See it glow?

You can click the pictures to see it bigger


Alice Teh said...

The carved pumpkins look great! I like how the light is glowing from the inside.

Happy belated Halloween, Julia! :D

Melody said...

Happy belated Halloween, Julia!
The pumpkins carvings are great! You guys are so talented. :)

Julia said...

Thanks Alice and Melody. I had lot of fun doing it, even though my hands were bruised and cut from the stick we use to carved it - eh!

QuaChee said...

wow love the glows :)

Julia said...

Thanks Quachee for your compliment and for stopping by to visit and to comment. I hope you have a good day

Darla said...

Wow, nice job, Julia!