Tuesday, November 04, 2008

50 Challenge Books: October

Below, is the book I read in October (click on titles book to read my reviews). I've read one book this month (isn't this sad?!?!). But since January of 2008 I have read a total of 44 books so far. I just need to read 6 more books before I reach my 50 books before the end of this year. After that, I can continue to read books and see how many totals of books I've read by the end of the year 2008. Looking at the slowness of my reading this year, I don't think I would read as many as over 100 books by the time Christmas is over. Goodness...with holidays approaching, I hope I get to 50 books before Christmas ended.

P.S. My dear good friend Darla is the one who came up with this 50 Challenge Book ideas to the group that we both members of. Please click her name (above) to see her book review at her blog (or search archive) :)

Click the book titles below, to read my reviews:

44. Bane Affair by Alison Kent


Alice Teh said...

Hi Julia! That's OK... reading one book is better than reading none. Some people read only one book (unbelievable but true!) so you're doing fabulously well with 44 already read. :)

Melody said...

I agree with Alice! :) After all, reading is a pleasure and not a marathon, hehe... ;P

Julia said...

Thanks Alice and Melody for your encouragement and booting me up :)

Reading 44 books so far, isn't bad thing, right? And reading is a pleasure and not a marathon, love the way Melody said it!