Thursday, October 02, 2008

Thursday Thirteen: Edition # 48

My Favorite things: Start With "P's"

1. "Prison Break" (TV show)- Monday Night show at 8PM central
2. Party - Love surprise party (my Birthday is on Oct. 4th!)
3. Photos - Especially one with my family, nieces and friends
4. "Paradise" (book)- written by Judith McNaught
5. "Perfect" (book) - Written by Judith McNaught
6. Pamela Clare (author)- who wrote "I-Team series"
7. "Private Scandal" (book)- written by Nora Roberts
8. "Purity in Death" (book) - - Written by JDRobb aks Nora Roberts
9. "Portrait in Death" (book) - Written by JDRobb aks Nora Roberts
10. "Peabody" (Character) - from JDRobb series
11. "P.S. I Love You" (movie & book)
12. "Pirates of the Caribbean" (all movies)
13. Popcorn

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1. Alice: Buy A Friend A Book Week
2. Darla: 13 Things About Camden
3. Donna: Random Bits of Useless Info About Me
4. Neptunebaby: Things that make me smile/happy
5. 'Thirteen Things On My Desk'

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Alice Teh said...

Love your P list! Totally agree on the photo. :D

Darla said...

Mmmmm. Popcorn. Darn--I wish I hadn't already had my afternoon snack. :)

Julia said...

Hey Alice, and you are really good at taken photos! Love all the one you share with us lately!

Darla - What did you eat for snack this afternoon? I normally I have my 1 mug of coffee and bagel in the afternoon...yeah that the time I wake up if there no work teehehee.

Thanks you both for stopping by!

Donna said...

What a fun "P" list. AND, happy birthday a bit early! I hope it is a wonderful one full of surprises and fun. :)

My TT list is up here. Stop by if you get a chance.

Neptunebaby said...

I LOVE your list! and the fact that your heading matches my web site. :) Happy TT.


siteseer said...

Happy Birthday!! love the list - it shows you love of reading.


Julia said...

Donna - Thanks for the early Birthday! Can't wait for the Saturday to begin teehehe. And I already stopped by your TTs :)

Neptunebaby - Thanks for your kind comment. I be visiting your blog again soon :)

Siteseer - Thanks for the kind Birthday! I do love to read, my favorite thing to do :)

Thanks all of you for stopping by my blog and commenting. Please visit me again soon :) Have a good day everyone!

Alice Teh said...

Thanks for including my BAFAB link here, Julia!

And thank you too for your kind words about my photography. You're an angel. :D

Nicholas said...

Happy Birthday for tomorrow!

Julia said...

Thanks Nicholas for the Happy Birthday! I hope you have great day! :)