Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Finally a Bride by Lisa Childs

Lisa Childs' website
Publisher: Harlequin
Pub. Date: October 2008
ISBN-13: 9780373752348
Sales Rank: 83,853

*Back blurb:*

Friend. Lover. Groom?

Running out on her own wedding is the only way Molly McClintock can stop herself from making the biggest mistake of her life. But running to her childhood friend Eric South could land her in even more trouble. Ever since the second grade, Eric's always been there for her. Now the wounded war hero is back in her life....and igniting enough sparks to turn friends into lovers.

How could Eric forget the girl who accepted his boyhood marriage proposal? Now, twenty years later, he's getting a second chance. With Molly back in his arms where she belongs, will Eric finally get his lifelong wish and meet the woman he loves a the altar?

*End blurb*


I really enjoy reading this book. I love the 'bestfriend/childhood and then become lover' themes. It's one of my favorite and I always try to find books with these kind of stories. I love the connection between Molly and Eric. You can tell their feeling for each other, even though they didn't want to remember because of the guilt for each other and they try to fight their attraction. But their love for one another had never changed. Then they soon come to realized that the life they thought they were meant to do, is the wrong choice direction to go. I also love the interaction between family (another themes I love to read about) with the main characters. I love close knit family. Even friends they consider as family story. The conversation between them were great. I think you will come to adore Eric and Molly as much as I did.

I just find out that Molly was from Unexpected Bride (Feb 2008)before the author decided to tell Molly story in this book Finally a Bride. There are 3 previous books from The Wedding Party series, before Finally a Bride was released. If you are reader who read books in order, you might consider read the previous books first. As I said, I think you going to adore Molly. She is book reader, as all of us are and there is that one scene that made me chuckle re to book. You going to have to find out about it ;)

Finally a Bride is a very bittersweet romance about friends becoming lover and discover love was right there in front of them all along. Easy fast pace reading.The dialogues was well written. The characters too sweet and charming, you will love them. Read it, you will love it...I know I did! :)

Grade: A


Finally a Bride mark the 50th book to my 50 Book Challenge 2008! I'm so relief that I finish it in times before the countdown to new, New Year! Yay! But I'm disappointed that I wasn't able to go a bit further to total more books reading before the end of the year. But...I'm satisfied that I done with book #50!


Alice Teh said...

This one sounds like a fun book, Julia! If I can find it locally, I would read this. Thanks for the review!

Julia said...

I think you would like to read this book Alice. Not sure if these kind of publishing will be available in Mayla, but I hope it does. I be willing to give you my copy if you can't find them :)

Melody said...

Glad to hear you enjoyed this book, Julia! And I love the cover! :)

Julia said...

I really did enjoy this book. And I wasn't excited about the cover though because the picture of the two couple did not match the inside book couple LOL

Alice Teh said...

Hi Julia, I checked out Kino and found that they only have Unexpected Bride... I'll wait it out and see if they'll bring the title in. :D

Julia said...

Hey Alice, I can give you my copy of Finally a Bride - if you want it?