Monday, December 29, 2008

My Christmas Gifts!

Here are all the Christmas gifts I received from my friends both from Yahoo Groups, bloggers and my childhood best friend. Below are the photos. You should be able to know what each items are by my comments. I want to thanks all of you for your sweet and generous of keeping me in your thoughts with your gifts. Your love and friendship moved me and I appreciate having friends like YOU :)
Now I'm ready for the New Year ---- are you? *grin*

You may click images to view it larger :)

This is a hand-made white ornament with purple ribbons around it for detailed and on top to bottom. It was made from my Secret Santa of my Yahoo Group that I joined. I don't know who it is from but I will tomorrow. But I want to thanks in advance to my Secret Santa! Isn't it beautiful?! I love it!

I've received too many book gift cards this year (not that I'm complaining! *BIG GRIN*) and the two gift card show here (Barne & Nobles/Borders), are one of many. It was from my childhood best friend's mom, and the other from Secret Santa. I received one from my dear friend Alice from *Hello, My Name Is Alice blog. She gave me a Amazon gift card through email -- thanks so much Alice! I love book gift cards!

A sweet kind lady name Billie Jo sent me this cute presents. As a thanks to participating on Secret Santa from her Yahoo Group (yep the group is related to the above photos Yahoo group), she gave me a Santa bag with a tag that said "Secret Santa" and on the back of the tag it said "Guess Who". I pull the string at the top from it's hat and open it, inside the bag was two candies treat and a tiny pink tea pot ornament with a string that is holding a tea cup. Very cute. See the bottom for the picture

If you look closely, you can see the pink tea pot and tea cup. Are they cutest! I love it!

My very sweet and generous kind friend sent me a photo mouse pad of her grandkids (who is such cutie!!), a book Once Upon a Christmas by Holly Jacobs, a thong bookmark (if you notice, the end of each bookmark is a very tiny picture frames attached to it. I can put a small photos in there (very neat!) and last but not least a magnet photos.

And this is from another Secret Santa from another group (not related to the above photos - Yahoo group) who spoiled me senseless. She sent me a big bag of M&M, few bags of cocoa mixed drink, two Peppermint Bark bar, Borders gift card and a cross thong bookmark. All items are my favorite things, so it was really a great surprise to get these special treats!

And this is a PJ from my childhood best friend (the older sister). She knew I like to sleep in PJ similar to this one. Isn't it cute and adorable! I love the colors :) She knew me too well !

And this is a jade stone earring. My friend brought this for me. It's surprise because I didn't expected it coming from her. But I love the earring and worn it all day.

And this is a pink make-up case set given to me also from my childhood best friend (the other sister). It has everything I needed to put make up on. The small pouch is the one I carry around with me inside my other handbag, including the mirror :)

If you wondering....yes my family did get me something. But I want to keep that private LOL ! *wink*. Thanks so much AGAIN to all my friends for the wonderful gifts!


Cmate said...

CUte gifts!

Where is mine? LOL!

Julia said...

Thanks Cmate for stopping by and comment :) Sorry, I think Santa stole my gift to you. So..I can't get it back LOL ;)

Why not I give you the gift of HUGS. That seem to be special gift anyone would love to have :) Thanks for being blogger friend who visit my blog and comment too :)

Melody said...

What a nice haul, Julia! All the gifts are lovely! :) Hopefully you'll be able to find out your Secret Santa soon!

Cmate said...

Weee! A HUG for Christmas! NOw, that is the first for me this year!

Alice Teh said...

Wow, look at all those gifts!

Now you got me all curious about what your family got for you!... No fair. Thou shalt not tempt thy friends... LOL.

Happy New Year to you, Julia!

Julia said...

Melody, Alice and Cmate - thanks for your comments. Aren't all the gifts wonderful?! While I haven't find out who my Secret Santa is, I know I will soon :)

I'm glad to be first to give you a HUGS for Christmas, Cmate. I thought nothing beat that :)

And Alice, I'm still keep mum about the gift my family gave me - but I love that I tempted thy Alice...*ahem*...I mean...friends ;) LOL! Sorry! :)