Thursday, December 11, 2008

It Snow !!!!!!!!

It rarely snow here where I live. But when it does snow, you can bet I be outside playing in it *grin*. I love to see all those white stuff blanking the everything. It make it more winter land and more beautiful.

Imagine my excitement, even when I knew the night before, that it snow! I was really not getting my hope so high when the news said it will snow last night. Because they always say there possible chance it won't snow. Well, my mom woke me up at 6am this morning to tell me it was snowing outside. I got so excited I took my camera out and took pictures. I let the snow fall onto me, and while it fall I started to do Snoopy Stupid Happy Dance! I played outside for while until my hand were numb. I went inside to drink some hot chocolate and then sat down and started to load the pictures into my laptop. As I was on progress of attaching it in email to my sister, I lost every pictures I have taken over the past many years from my memory card. I was so pissed!! Thanks goodness I still have some saved into my computer and Kodak Gallery website. But still, there are some pictures in the memory card that I haven't managed to load into my computer. For minute, I panic because I also lost the pictures with the snow that I took this morning. But then realize I could retrieve it back by going to "sent" folder and reload it back to my computer.

Anyway, here are the pictures of the snow. It was 3.0 inches of snow but even then it looked deep and thick to me when I walk into it. The first batch was taken at 6am in the morning. So you can imagine that it was still a little dark outside. But as the moring begin to light up, so did the neighborhood. Some pictures were taken from front and the back yard. I wish the pictures was bit brighter then this...see pictures below....


Melody said...

So exciting, Julia! I can feel your thrill reading your post!! I wish you could send some my way! I'd love to have a White Christmas! :D

Thanks for sharing the pics with us. They're awesome!

Alice Teh said...

Awesome photos, Julia! You got me all excited! Woooohoo!!

Are those your footprints? Hehee...

Thank goodness you managed to retrieve the pics. :D

I'm thrilled! Thrilled!!

Julia said...

I was excited Melody and Alice! It was so unbelieveable but so much fun and beautiful out there. The snow is now almost gone from the ground. Should be gone by tomorrow.

Next time it snow (that is in 3 years or to never) I will mail it off to you, Melody to share *grin*. And am glad that you're excited as much as I was, Alice :) And yes, the two photo with the footprints happen to be mine. But the first photo with footprints on the sidewalk, was where I was doing the Snoopy Dance right there LOL ;) :)

You guys do know, that if you click each image - then you can see it larger?

Have a good weekend to both of you :)

Alice Teh said...

Yes, am aware that if you click them, it'll enlarge. =D

I can almost visualize you doing that Snoopy Dance!

Bogsider said...

Great pictures of snow. Looks very Christmas-like :-) Where do you live?