Sunday, December 14, 2008

Line of Scrimmage by Marie Force

Marie Force's website
Publisher: Sourcebooks, Incorporated
Pub. Date: September 2008
ISBN-13: 9781402214240

Susannah Sanderson thought she finally has a peaceful and calm life, especially when she has became engaged to Henry Merrill and is about to marry him in few days. But her soon to be ex-husband Ryan Sanderson walk in unexpectedly to a dinner Susannah was having with her fiance's parents, to talk about their upcoming wedding. Not wanting to remember of their past, she tried to make him leave. But he weren't budge, and is here to stay.

Ryan Sanderson, is a Superstar quarterback with three Superbowl wins under his belt, was sent home due to broken ribs from his last Super Bowl game - which his team had won. During his times with his team, he realize that he love his soon to be ex wife Susannah and decided he want to win her back before she marry her fiance. Knowing that the judge have rule them ten days periods before divorce are final, Ryan knew that he must convince her that he have changed and still love her. He wanted a second chance to prove it.

But as Ryan try to win Susannah heart, their past remind each other of the good things they use to have. Even despite that one devastating horrible times that mean so much to them have break them apart, they try to look past it and start overr.

But Henry, an overly possessed and back stabbing creep, is making it difficult for them both. He fell in love with Susannah and take every chance he got to help pick up the pieces of her life when it begin to shatters due to her separation with Ryan. Henry would find his way to get into her life and manipulate story against Ryan.

With everything that get thrown in between Ryan and Susannah, the author gave us a insight on trust, loves, second chance, marriage and family. I really like Ryan. He is type of characters I normally don't get to read about too often but is one who I would have like to see more. There alot of love scenes, but most are done in a way that would make you just simply sigh. It made me smiles. I thought that Line of Scrimmage is a refreshing book and also sweet and romantic to read. I really did enjoy it. It really one of those, "Don't Judge the book by it's cover" kind of thing. I think it a novel to read!

Grade: 5 stars


Melody said...

That looks like a hot cover, Julia! LOL. I'm not sure if I'd get this one though...I'll have to see about it. Thanks for your insightful review!

Alice Teh said...

Oh ya... that cover got me all erm... you know... LOL

Thanks for the great review, Julia!

Julia said...

LOL Melody and Alice - like I said, don't judge the book by it cover. And I really think, Melody that you will like this book. It not erotic. And you going to LOVE the heroes. He sweept me off my feets LOL

And your welcome for the, stinky review ;) lol

Hmmm how many books to go, must I read before the end of 50 challenge...? Me gotta go check LOL

Julia Smith said...

Sometimes it's a wonderful surprise to read a book you normally wouldn't. This sounds like a wonderful love story.

Julia said...

Hi Julia Smith - yes sometime it's wonderful surprise to read a book that I like and didn't expect anything from it. It's a wonderful story and I hope you give it a try :)