Sunday, January 11, 2009

All About Books !!!

This month of January I brought the following books:

Murder Game by Christine Feehan
Dying For You by Beverly Barton (the last book of The Protectors Series)
Glitter Baby by Susan Elizabeth Phillips
Whisper No Lies by Cindy Gerard

I've been following Christine Feehan's Ghostwalker Games Series, so I was excited when a new installment released this week! But I think in April, she will finally released the next installment in the Leopard Series!!! I've been waiting for that darn book forever! I'm just happy it finally going to release. I also been reading Cindy Gerard's BodyGuard Series in the few years it released. But now that the series are over, she started a brand new series called Black Ops Inc. I haven't read the first book yet, but I do owned the first two books of the series and it sitting in my TBR pile. And I finally got Whisper No Lies which is the 3rd book of that series. Then, there is Susan Elizabeth Phillips's Glitter Baby, which is a old reissues. She had revised it and changing things a little bit from the book. So while it still in it original story, she only changed a tiny bit in this new one. And last but not the least, I also brought Beverly Barton's Dying For You. This book is the 30th installment, which is part of Barton longest running series ever written. Reader have come to love The Protectors for many years, and I'm sure they will be sad to see it ended. But I'm excited to read this series for the first time. I have not start the reading yet, but I already owned a few books. Because some were hard to find and other are reissues. I want to get at lease the first few books, read it before I buy the rest....goodness there are 30 books! How am I going to catch up?! *grin*. Anyone ever read Protectors Series?

I'm currently reading two books at same times. A Breath of Snow and Ashes and Eye of the Storm. I could have finish reading A Breath of Snow and Ashes already - last month, but since the holidays sneak around me, it kept me busy for most of my times. So, I'm trying to hurry and finish it. I am on Chapter 42; pages 374. Lot of shocking, surprising, happiness and sadness in this book. Too many things happen all at once. And I'm loving it so far :) Diana Gabaldon is such a wonderful writer! I just can't wait for the next installment to come. I should be done with Eye of the Storm by Dee Davis, soon. Just a couple more Chapters and then I be done. And review will be up too :)

I hope every having fun spent with Family and had a great weekend!


Melody said...

These books sounds good to me! I want Christine Feehan's Murder Game! So, have you started reading the new series by Cindy Gerard?

BTW, I've passed you an award! :)

Alice Teh said...

Hi Julia! Wow, new books! I haven't tried Christine Feehan's books before although I do see them at the bookstores.

I'm glad to know you're enjoying Gabaldon's book! Can't wait to hear what you think about it. I saw one of her books at the bookstores and it's soooo thick! *GASP*

Happy reading, dear friend! :D

Julia said...

Melody - I hope you be able to get your own copy of Murder Game. So far I heard good review on it. But of course you have been following the Feehan's GhostWalker Game series with me teehehe. No, I haven't start on Cindy Gerard new Black Ops Series yet. But I will soon....I visit your blog for the award soon!

Alice - Christine Feehan have written lot of paranormal books. There are leopard series, vamp series and the military teletic (read and move object with their mind)..etc. Murder Game is military teletic series. It good series IMO. I'm not sure what numbers Murder Game is, but I know it not the first book in the series. Yes, Diana Gabaldon is HUGE books writer. Some readers are scared of that thick books LOL ! And other are not. Unless you're not afraid of long detailed or even war stuff, then you'll be okay. I love Diana Gabaldon and it take me two weeks to finish each books of series. But it worth the reading IMO! Because I read it for Jamie and Claire story and they are one of my favorite characters of all times.

Thanks you both for visiting and commenting!