Sunday, February 15, 2009

Smart Mouth by Erin McCarthy

Erin McCarthy's website
(Contemp. Erotic Romance)
Publisher: Kensington Publishing Corporation
Pub. Date: April 2004
ISBN-13: 9780758205957

FBI agent Derek, mission was to retrieve the information that he need to bust an investigation case that FBI were working for months. But the information happen to be in the envelope of the rental car that Reese Hampton is in. Derek need the information for evidence, but he end up having to car chasing her around to get it back, seem to be impossible.

Journalist, Reese Hampton is assigned to go to Chicago and do an cover story on a society wedding event for the Newark News articles. She wasn't thrill or happy about it, but she took the trip anyway because she want to prove to her boss that she deserve to do more than just writing that articles. Upon arriving to her destiny and getting into her rental car, she was met up by hot hunk of a man who turns out to be some kind of creepy stalker. Scared for her life, she take off with the car and try to get rid of him but they end up in a car chase.

Later, when she met up with him again, he explained for the misunderstanding and asked to return the evidence back. But Reese knew that this evidence could save her and her career around. She wanted to work with Derek and help him bust the drug manufacturing company if in return she get the first dib of the arrested for her new story. But Derek was against it, because he didn't want her to jeopardize the investigation that they have been working to bust for many months. And plus his career is on the line too.

As they work together, a spark, steamy hot fling start between them. And they just seem not to get enough of each other. Working together and mix business in with pleasure...just seem harmless. Is it?


First let me say that this is not the first time I read books by Erin McCarthy. Some of the books I've read were good and entertaining. But it been an awful long time since I read Erin's books, so I was bit concern what to expect when I start to read Smart Mouth because I have forgotten what it was like to read her books. Erin is such a wonderful delightful author and fun too. And what she write always entertained. I got a copy of Smart Mouth from Nora Roberts Raffle Baskets, that she and her reader run every summer on July of TTP Book signing Events. Lot of readers and authors either make their baskets or donated stuff for baskets so that it can be raffle off to Nora Roberts readers/fan. The drawing always take place on Sunday. Erin McCarthy was one of the basket that I listed to wish to win. She had some of her backlist books in the basket and they were all signed. Smart Mouth was one of them. Two readers made the basket and had Erin to sign all the books, somehow. Of course there were also other prizes added in, beside books. Two blue glass with instruction how to make a Margarita drink or some type of drink, I forgot which. And I also got Beach towel which was great and useful! Thanks Erin McCarthy for the books! And thanks the two readers who made the basket! :)

Okay, now onto what my thoughts on Smart Mouth. I thought it was a laugh-out-loud funny and entertaining read. And while the plot line was too thin, the book were very steamy hot! The main characters can be a bit silly at a time (and I roll my eyes few), but they were fun too. Our heroine, Reese seem to be too pushy toward our hero Derek, which made me cringed but she does have a smart mouth that made me chuckle. I don't know if I can say I like the main characters but I did enjoy knowing them. There were some scenes where they kept getting interrupted every time they were about to *ahem* in public and it made me laugh at the reaction from both party involved. That including the innocence one who happen to accidentally stumble upon them and saw what is about to happen!

There is secondary characters, Wyatt Maddock and CJ White who have an "I-hate-you" attitude toward each other, but their short story will be told from the anthology book Bad Boys In Black Tie. I do enjoy them and their bickering at each others. I knew their story will be next!

Smart Mouth is so steamy hot and laugh out loud book. Very excitement, entertaining and witty dialogues. Fun characters, a little car chasing action, fallen in love and good ending. I enjoy it.

Grade: 4 stars


Melody said...

Glad you enjoyed this book, Julia! I've this book in my pile...and I agree most Erin McCarthy's books are funny. :)

Julia said...

Yes Erin's books are always funny! I'm really anxious to read "Flat Out Sexy", soon!

Alice Teh said...

I like that title! I think I'd like to give Erin McCarthy a try... :)

Julia said...

I hope you like it as much as I did...warning though, I don't know how you would reacted to the *ahem* love scene on this one :)