Saturday, March 14, 2009

Book Shopping Weeks!

On Wednesday 11th, when my nieces Trish and Heather pick me up to go to mall, I went to Borders bookstore. It was located on the outside building of the surrounding mall. Heather went inside the mall to buy a pair of slippers and Trish went to met up with my older sister and sat down on the bench which is outside of the mall.

When I went inside the Borders bookstore, I went straight to the romance section and held out my hand open wide to reach as many books as I can and "hugs" it. My cheek was against the books and I took a deep breath to smell them. This become my habit every time I visit bookstores *grin*. I browse around the 4 sections, making a double turn back and forth making sure I cover all the books that were on the shelves. But I couldn't make up my mind what to get. With only $15 gift card (a gift given to me by friends) to spent, I just want to make sure I get the books I REALLY WANT. I don't want to have to buy books that I would end up feeling disappointed with and than start thinking how I wasted the money or the gift card on the books that I wasn't satisfied with. Unfortunately, most of the books that I want was not even on the shelves! I'm guessing readers have been buying those books, which is probably a good thing :) We all want to help out our favorite authors to boot up their sale, right? ;)

While I was browse the shelves, a lady who work there goes around trying to sale two new released books. They are: Hotel on the Corner of the Bitter and Sweet by Jamie Ford and The Middle Place by Kelly Corrigan. If you would like to see the book covers, check out the first title Here and the second titles Here. I didn't buy them. But I am planning to get Hotel.. when I go back the next time. Anyone read these two books before? Your thoughts on it?

So instead, I brought three books. Two of the books were "new to me authors", and I have read reviews on them first hand before I made the trip to the bookstore. Of course I buy books from reviewers who I know I trust and have the same tastes of reading that I do. Sometime back blurbs from the book, don't always help me much. So the two "new to me authors" are Jill Sorenson and Mary Margret Daughtridge

I read from Jill's website that CRASH INTO ME, book cover and a sexy excerpt will appear on the Cosmopolitan Magazine as "Hot Read" in the June 2009 issue. Many readers gave this a good reviews. And Mary's SEALed with a Promise, is the second book to her SEALs book. The first is title SEALed with a Kiss. I tried to look for first book but I couldn't find it. KISS is said to be a heart-touching story and it's a powerful, beautiful, emotional book. I hope that PROMISE has the same feel as KISS did. I'm looking forward to read both books.

The third book is The Puppet Master. I have read a couple of books by Jan Coffey before and love their work. The author(s) are husband and wife team of romance suspense. I do enjoy reading their books but it been an long while since I read them. I want to go back and read them again. The Puppet Master would be where I should start first. Looking forward to some non stop action reading! If you like romance suspense/suspense, then I think you should give their books a try.

The book's covers of the three books are at the top. I've always says, don't judge the books by it's cover. Because sometime the covers are NOTHING like what it is inside the books. if judging the books from the covers, you will miss a wonderful story inside, IMO.

When we got home, there were pork chop served with rice and cucumbers to eat for dinner - YUM! Trish and Heather stay to eat with us before heading home. We had a nice chat. It wasn't long before they give us a big hugs goodbye. I'm gonna miss my baby girls :)


Alice Teh said...

What a nice day out shopping! Enjoy your new books, Julia! I just got back from my MPH stock clearance sale too. :D

Julia said...

Alice - It sure was a nice day to go shopping that day. Its even more nice to spent time with my two wonderful nieces. Just saw your post on your trip to MPH stock clearance sale. Great list of books you got there. Enjoy reading them :)

Melody said...

Yeah, you told me about the book shopping but you kept it a secret about the books until now...LOL. Anyway, YAY about those new books!!! :D

You know I've Hotel on the Corner of the Bitter and Sweet but I haven't decide when to read it yet... I think this book should be great since several bookbloggers raved about this one. I hope you'd get it the next time!

Happy reading!

Julia said...

Hey Melody! Yeah -- I like to keep it a secret from you until you find out with the rest of the bloggers - teeehehe.

I'm planning to go back and get Hotel On the Corner of the Bitter and Sweet soon. Not sure when...but soon :)