Friday, March 27, 2009

Tangled Lies by Anne Stuart

Anne Stuart
Publisher: Harlequin
Pub. Date: March 2009
ISBN-13: 9780373200016
Series: Famous Firsts
Edition Description: Reissue

Back Book Blurb:

Surrounded by greed and treachery, Rachel Chandler feels completely alone in the world --- until her brother, who's been missing for fifteen years, is spotted in Hawaii. Rachel will stop at nothing to find him...

But when she arrives at her brother's cottage, she encounters a stranger. A man haunted by his past. A man looking to use Rachel for his own purposes.

A man Rachel wants as she's never wanted another...

End Back Book Blurb

This book is chosen to be part of the 60 years Anniversary of The Harlequin Famous Firsts Collection. It was first published in 1984 but was re-issued with new book cover. I'm always looking for Anne Stuart's backlist and have had most of them in my TBR pile and keeper bookshelves. I'm happy to own this book as well. And yes, I do realized that this is one of Stuart's earlier work. So it a almost little different from what she write today.

When Rachel was twelve, Emmett have been involved with radical group of protesters. After a bomb that killed many people near by the Donovan town house, he vanished and never been heard from again. Until...fifteen years later, where humor is said that he is seen in Hawaii.

The story began when Rachel Chandler took a plane to Hawaii to see her brother Emmett, whom she have not seen in fifteen years. Her fear of flying wasn't going to stop her from reunited with her brother again. Complication history with the family causes them to be separate from each other, even though Rachel received a package every year for her birthday from Emmett which was posted in different place in the world. But when she land in Hawaii, thing just seem not as what she expected. The brother she have grown up with wasn't the same as she remember. It was as if a stranger have live inside Emmett. But she have to find something, a piece of Emmett, the way she used to remember him to be. Otherwise, she would felt alone.


I thought Rachel came on as too strong and too attached, even though I understood why she reacted that way. Sometime I just wish she would back away a little and give him room to breathe LOL! She smothering the poor guy! She does seem to be naive,insecure and vulnerable too.

I like the hero cause he was written just the way I thought Anne Stuart would write with all of her heroes. Mysterious bad boy, dangerous and ruthless but the things he do and say is not the way it always seem to be. He is a complex, ruthless man who don't care about anyone but himself. He has a agenda and he is there for that reason. But Rachel have changed all that for him, when he walk in to his life.

Tangled Lies started with little action and than move forward. While the romance started slowly (it worth the wait!), the reading was fast pace. Reader might be put off from some scenes, but please read with an open mind. And even though the ending might surprise some readers, I saw it coming a mile away. I knew. I enjoy the book and hope to read more from Anne Stuart!

I have always admire Anne Stuart ability to write great dark heroes and made me fall in love with them. No matter how dangerously bad they are or the kind job they do, I couldn't resist to want to know more about them.

If you want to read books with dark, bad boy heroes and action, you would like Anne Stuart's ICE series. They're awesome series and my personal favorite!

Grade: 4 1/2 stars

Side Note:
I want to personally thanks my friends, Melody and Alice for this special joint-reading together with me. I have enjoy our times together to do this and have fun. And I'm looking forward to more joint-reading with you two again, soon!


Darla said...

I don't have this yet--thanks for reminding me! I love that some of these backlist books are being reprinted. Makes it so much easier for those of us who are trying to collect them. :)

Literary Feline said...

I haven't yet read anything by Anne Stuart. Thank you for the review, Julia. I love it when you, Alice and Melody do these joint readings together. It's fun to compare notes!

Alice Teh said...

Great review, Julia! I really enjoyed reading it together with you and Melody. Now, when's our next read-together??? LOL!

Gaaaaah~~~ I'm the last to post the review. Soon...

Julia said...

Darla - I agree about making it easy for us to find the bakclist, when books being reprinted :) I hope you find Anne Stuart's TANGLED LIES. I think you would have like it :)

Hi Literary (or should I call you Wendy? *grin*)! Thanks for stopping by here :) Your welcome for the review. I do hope that the joint-reading have help you compare note. I do hope you buy and read the book. If Anne Stuart's your first read, try her ICE series. They are more better IMO :)

Alice - Thanks for your compliment. It have always been fun to read it with you (and Melody). When ever you are ready to read something together, just hollow for me LOL! I will check your review when ever it up :)

Melody said...

I'm hoping to read more older works by Anne Stuart! Most of them are out-of-print and I'm hoping the publishers will reissue them again!

As usual, I enjoyed the joint-reading sessions with you and Alice! I'm definitely looking forward for more in the near future! ;)