Friday, April 10, 2009

My Week-Day/End : Event

Here is what happening with me in the last few days - I've been trying to draft my review for Dark of Night by Suzanne Brockmann ever since I finish it 5 days ago, but it hard for me to write it without spoiling it for anyone. I have many things I want to say, but it is good things. Lot of favorite scenes and emotional moments. But than, right in the middle of my draft, we had to attend church for the next 4 days before passover and Easter, so I had to delay my Dark of Night review for awhile. I hope to return and edit my draft review soon.

Last Saturday (which was yesterday)- we went grocery shopping because we were going to have a BBQ cook out. We had chicken, ribs and potatoes salad. And our dessert were Carrot cupcake and Coconut cake. Funny thing was, I planned to go over to friend house to have cook out too - and they were doing the same foods we were doing LOL! Except we used the Chinese BBQ season sauce into our chicken and ribs. This Chinese BBQ season can be found at Chinese store only. Just like the "Mama" Chinese noodles that is sold with 30-40 bag in a box. Sold only at Chinese store. My friends love both of these, and always ask us for them *grin*. Both cook out were awesome! I wish you guys could try them :)

When we went shopping that Saturday morning for the cook out, I also brought two books Whisper of Warning by Laura Griffin and Defender by Catherine Mann. Griffin is new to me author and I've been trying to collect few of her books to add to my TBR piles. I haven't try reading them yet but I'm pretty sure when I find the mood, I will read them than. I'm not, however, new to Mann's books. I discover her after I discover Suzanne Brockmann (who wrote a wonderful Troubleshooter series book! I love them!) I have read the first few books from Mann's popular military series, the flyboy. Defender is a brand new military book of the Dark Ops series. I didn't discover this new until she sent out her latest newsletter via my email. That goes to show I've been out of loop *grin*. And one of the good kicker is that Mann's husband is/was(?) in Air Force. Someone correct me if I'm wrong! Did anyone notice I've been buying books almost every weekend? I wonder what up with that?!?! LOL!

I am currently reading In A Heartbeat by Rita Herron , who is also a new to me romance suspense author. I'm reading this now for my TBR Challenge of April. Which is to read a book by an author you've never read before. I enjoy the book so far! Anyone read by this author before?

I will be hanging out with my aunt and my cousins for Easter. There is a Vietnamese Festival Fair near by where she live and we going over there to see some entertainment, singing. And to eat of course *grin*. So I be home late tonight. closing, I wish you a Happy Easter! Have great time spending with your family and friends. May you also have the chance to be a child for a day and eat all the yummy melting delicious candies for Easter *grin* Eat hearty!


Melody said...

Sounds like you guys had a wonderful Easter celebration!

No worries about the review though. Just post whenever you're available. :)

I haven't read anything by Rita Herron so I can't wait to read your review after you're done reading it.

Alice Teh said...

You've been book shopping, Julia! I'm sooo tempted but will resist temptation. Bad Julia. LOL!

I will wait patiently for your review.

Glad to hear that you had a wonderful Easter celebration! God bless you!

Julia said...

Melody and Alice - Yep I did had a nice Easter celebration. Wish you could too *grin*. And yep, I have been doing lot of book shopping lately. Always on the weekend. And I think it probably because of the economic, which depressed me because everyone is affected. I think you, Melody, would have enjoy Rita Herron book. Cause I enjoy it :)

Thanks you both for being patience with me on my review for DARK OF NIGHT. It took me a while longer to post. But now that I did, am just glad it is done ;) :)