Sunday, April 19, 2009

My Weekend

Usually on the weekend, I buy books. This week isn't the case. I didn't find anything that interesting enough for me to pick up. Or I already brought them. Sad be told, I came home empty handed this weekend *gasp!*...I know. So unheard of, right? ;)

But I am looking forward to lot of books coming on the last week of April. I've been waiting for these in a long time now and just anxious to get it in my tiny, baby hand. If I'm lucky to get them early, I be doing a snoopy HAPPY dance! *grin*. Here are the list:

Vision in White (The Bride Quartet book) by Nora Roberts. This will be a brand new book #1. And it will be release in trade paperback size book. Yep you heard it. On Nora Roberts' website, it did said the release is in May. But it really coming on April 28. I think her books usually come out the end of the last week of previous month and not the actual month that the online bookstore said. Someone correct me if am wrong!

Burning Wild (Leopard series) by Christine Feehan. I've been waiting FOREVER for the next book in this series ever since I read Wild Rain (it's awesome by the way). It's a paranormal, shape shifter/leopard book. If I remember, I think Wild Rain took place in jungle and it was sensual, intense and erotic place. The hero was yummy! Now I'm too excited about Burning Wild! Can't wait to read it :)

True Love and Other Disasters by Rachel Gibson. While I do have all the books before True Love, I haven't read them yet. It still in my TBR pile. Wait, I take that back. I think I did read a book Tangled Up In You and enjoyed that one. Since than I collect the rest of the book (except for Not Another Bad Date) because each books are connected through friendship of the female characters. So while you can read each books as stand alone, I always prefer reading series/trilogies/connection books in order. The books are: Sex, Lies and Online Dating, I'm In No Mood For Love, Tangled Up In You and Not Another Bad Date.

Death Angel by Linda Howard (reprint to Mass Market PB). If anyone have been following my blog, I have stated in the past that Linda Howard is hit or miss it for me lately. But her older backlist books are awesome! I still buy her new books but I wait for them release in paperback after the hardcover released. Or check it out from the library. I can't wait to read Death Angel since some of my friends seem to like it. And yes, it's a reprint in paperback format :)

And if I'm able to, I hope to buy Nora Roberts' Vision In White together with Ultimate Weapon by Shannon Mckenna from the bookstore online with the gift certificate that my blog friend Alice gave me last Christmas. I did had trouble retrieving the code, after I save it into my account for long awhile. But I hope to retry it again and see if it work this time. Ultimate Weapon is already out since November of last year. I waited until now to get it because I wasn't ready for it yet. Although I do own the rest of the previous book series. I read them all and it is now in my keeper bookshelf :)

Wish me luck that I find some of these out early! Waiting next week is torture. I wish everyone a good rest of the Sunday night :)


Melody said...

It sure is disappointing coming home from the bookstore empty-handed, isn't it?

I can't wait to get those books too, especially NR, CF & LH! Hopefully you'll get Ultimate Weapon soon! ;)

Julia said...

Hey Melody - It sure is disappointed when coming home empty handed. I just hope that next week will have all this books (I listed here) out by then :)

I didn't know you read Christine Feehan! That surprise. Oh and if you ever want to joint-read with me on either NR, CF or LH books, let me know?

Melody said...

BTW, I just bought NR's book at the bookstore earlier! I'm so excited! (And no, I'm not stating this to make you jealous!!!) :P

Julia said...

Eh - You are trying to make me jealous...I hate you LOLOLOLOLOL

Kidding - I'm glad you brought a copy. If you ever want to joint-read this one with me, let me know :)

Melody said...

LOLOL. I swear it's unintentional!

Sure, I'll let you know if I want to read this book. Thanks! :)

Julia said...

*chuckle* if it wasn't for me, you would have not gotten it today LOLOLOL - kidding! I can't wait to get mine copy. I have to wait until next Tuesday to get it. Gawd the waiting going to make me bananas!

Melody said...

I'd call it a nice coincidence, LOL.

I hope you'd get this copy soon! I know how bad you want this book!! ;)

Julia said...

You know am teasing you LOLOL

Yep, I do want this book badly. Just can't wait to get it. I'm glad though, that you brought it :)

Melody said...

I know, Julia! :D

Do let me know once you've received this book... so I can imagine you doing your snoopy dance, haha.

Julia said...

You weren't want to see me do stupid sloopy snoopy dance, Melody. If I dance, one look at me and you would have think I'm on drug or something LOLOLOL!

Melody said...

You're wrong, Julia! On the contrary, I can't wait to see you dance, LOL.

K, goodnite and bye!

Alice Teh said...

Miss Tiny-Baby-Hand Julia, have you gotten those books? Hehee...

I want to join you in the silly snoopy dance! LOL!

Jess said...

Death Angel was the first Howard book I read and I loved it. I hope you enjoy it too.

Julia said...

Hey Alice - so sorry am late in responding back to you. The only book I did get was "TRUE LOVE..." by Rachel Gibson. I think other that is listed here will be out this Tuesday or this week coming :)

Hi Jess - Thanks for visiting my blog. I have love all the older books that Linda howard have written over the years. So I hope I enjoy reading DEATH ANGEL when it out this week :)

Wish you both to have a good day!