Thursday, April 30, 2009

Protector of One by Rachel Lee

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Silhouette Romantic Suspense Series
Publisher: Harlequin
Pub. Date: April 2009
ISBN-13: 9780373276257
Sales Rank: 42,221
Series: Romantic Suspense, #1555

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When primal fear becomes wild desire...

After a devastating accident, Kerry Tomlinson is left with psychic abilities. She has plenty of skeptics, but her visions provide vital clues to a double murder. It isn't long before the killers determine the extent of Kerry's insight, putting her on a dangerous path toward unexpected love... and death.

Embittered ex-agent Adrian Goddard isn't sure how to handle Kerry - especially his powerful need to protect her. He shouldn't want her, but Adrian feels compelled to keep her close, even if his hardened heart feels it's too close. As the chemistry simmers between them, will Adrian make the ultimate sacrifice to save her life?

Conard County: The Next Generation

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If you have follow with the Conard County series, than you would know that Protector of One is the continue of the series but it has a new younger generation with our old favorite showing up. Because time have changed, so did the Conard County series. Even though we still find all the things we love most about the older Conard County, will still be seen in the new generation book(s).

From the first page, we see ex agent Adrian Goddard is requested by Sheriff Gage Dalton to come to his office and help him with the double homicide investigation. Even though Adrian had left the law enforcement 2 years ago and he unhappy about returning back, he decided to help when he met Kerry. He discover that her "vision" can provided some clue and help them with their investigation. But he couldn't let Kerry be on target of the killer path, if he discover of her abilities insight. Adrian decided he need to protector her since he doesn't trust anyone else to, but only to find that he had fallen for her.

I thought they fell for each other so quickly but than I can understand that because it's 212 pages long, so the story have to move quickly. It was interesting to learn about the two main characters: Kerry and Adrian. And than watch them fall in love. It was heart racing and sensuality.

It was wonderful to take a peek from the previous characters and meet new one. I also love revisiting the small town of Conard County again. In Protector of One I still get the same feeling that I love about these series from the past previous books.I'm happy to be back with them again! It was a very engaging book and I love how Rachel Lee write many characters from her series for us to love.

To me, the mystery started out intriguing at first and kept me guessing but the ending was not what I expected. The book as a whole was good, though. I like it

I be sure to look forward to reading more Conard County books!

4 stars

I think that the next upcoming Conard County book is The Unexpected Hero, which will be releasing on July 2009. If I'm wrong, someone can correct me :)


Melody said...

I haven't read anything but this author but I'm glad you enjoyed reading this book, Julia.

Is this part of a series, or can it be read as a standalone?

Julia said...

Will this is part of the Conard County series but I think you can read this as stand alone. There only a minor previous character making apperance or small role that character play :)

Alice Teh said...

Glad you enjoyed it, Julia! Like Melody, I haven't read anything by this author...

Oh how I wish I could just sit at home and read, read, read... LOL

Julia said...

I hope you give the book a try. And I know in due times, you will be able to sit and read read read read all day at home ;)