Saturday, April 25, 2009

Four Books to Score! Yay!

Today, I went grocery shopping. Brought few things needed as we ran out on stock of foods. But when I do go, you can expect to see me at the books section as well ;)

I brought 4 books. The first two books (listed below) are authors who I've already known and love. The last two books (also listed below) are "new to me authors", but one from this new author is recommended to me by a friend from one of the Yahoo Group list I've joined.

I was so excited when I saw Anne Stuart latest book is out. I nearly ran and grab it and held it to my chest and hugs it. A lady standing next to me look at me and I'm sure she was given me the strange look but yet at same time, she smirked at me teeheheee. I can't wait to start reading it! (Melody, Alice..are you ready to joint-read this together? Or not? *grin*)

1. Silver Falls by Anne Stuart - I LOVE Anne's books and always auto buy it!
2. True Love and Other Disasters by Rachel Gibson - Also love a few of Rachel's books, I've read so far.
3. One Deadly Sin by Annie Solomon - Annie is new author for me, and it sound interesting from what I read from the back blurb. I hope that the story inside is as good and promising as it said from the back blurb.
4. The Secret Wedding by Jo Beverley - Jo is also a new author for me. But she is recommended by friend who promise me that it is good. I haven't been reading lot of historical romance lately :)

I don't know if One Deadly Sin or The Secret Wedding is a part of an on going series,trilogy or connection books. But if they are, please let me know! :)

I love weekend shopping, don't you? *grin*. I'm looking forward to get Nora Roberts' Vision In White and Christine Feehan's Burning Wild coming next week!

I wish everyone have a good rest of the weekend/Happy Reading! :)


Annie Solomon said...

Just saw your mention of my book, One Deadly Sin, and your question about "series" books. Thought I'd stop by and let you know that, no, it's not part of a series or trilogy. Hope you enjoy it.

Melody said...

OMG! You've got Anne Stuart's book!!! But I can totally understand about your grabbing and hugging the book, I know I'd do that too if I see her books on shelves! LOL.

Next, I hope you'll get NR's and CF's books soon!!

Melody said...

BTW, love your new header!!! :D

Julia said...

Hi Annie Solomon! Thanks so much for visiting my blog (you're always welcome here!) and letting me know that ONE DEADLY SIN is read as stand alone. I can't wait to read it! :)

Hey Melody - I'm glad you like my new header, although it not done. I'm still fixing it. And I really hope you get Anne Stuart's SILVER FALLS soon, so that we can read it together...that is if you up to it *grin* :)

Have a good day everyone!

Pam P said...

Julia, The Secret Wedding is the second of a trilogy, first being A Lady's Secret. But you can read it without having read the first - heroine appears briefly and it won't make a difference not having read the first one yet. It's also loosely related to her earlier Malloren series but again not necessary to read really (Rothgar appears briefly in this newest, too. The older Mallorens I'd say read in order until you get to Devilish, Rothgar's story, to more fully appreciate his book. THese later, not necessary. Hope you enjoy, it was a fun one.

Alice Teh said...

Hi Julia, enjoy all your new books! I can imagine how excite you are with Anne Stuart's new book in your hands. LOL!

I want to join you in reading NR's new book. Are you OK with that? How about Melody? :D

Melody said...

Hi Alice! I've NR's book with me, but I haven't bought AS's book yet. I'm not sure about you & Julia, but I'd like to read AS's book first, no offense to NR though! ;)

Annie Solomon said...

Hey,Melody! Just saw your comment on reading ODS before NR's latest. My, my, beating out NR. That's the 2nd time in my career! The year I won the RITA she was also nominated. That was the biggest surprise of my life, as you can imagine. But--sigh--I guess with her popularity she can afford to come in second every once in a while. :) Although, truth be told, she's always number one for most of us!

Julia said...

Hey Pam - So you would suggested that I read the earlier Mallorean series first before I read A LADY'S SECRET and THE SECRET WEDDING? I usually like reading series in order no matter if it lose connected, a series or trilogy.

Thank so much for your GREAT help, Pam! And it nice to see you stopping by to comments :)

Pam P said...

Hi Julia. No, you really don't have to read the earlier Mallorens to read these latest at all, just when you get to those first ones, read those in order up to Devilish to fully appreciate Rothgar when you get to his story in Devilish.