Friday, June 12, 2009

No Control by Shannon K Butcher
TBR Challenge May

The TBR Challenge for May is to read a book by an author using one initial.

Examples from Darla shelves:
The Songs of Distant Earth by Arthur C. Clarke
No Escape by Shannon K. Butcher
Natural Law by Joey W. Hill

Let us know what you read, what you thought about it, and how long it had been in your TBR pile.

I chose No Control by Shannon K. Butcher. This book was published in 2008 but I start reading it this year for this challenge. The first book of Shannon's romance suspense, No Regrets, was published last year in 2007 and it was an interesting read. Sorry that I posted this review late, as I was trying to finish reading it before I can post it for the TBR Challenge of May. Now that it is June, it never too late to post it :)

Shannon K Butcher's website
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
Pub. Date: February 2008
ISBN-13: 9780446618663
Sales Rank: 15,499

Book Synopsis


Lana Hancock knows all about danger--and betrayal. Eighteen months ago, she was captured by a terrorist group known as the Swarm while one of its members, a rugged man with sinfully dark eyes, did nothing to help her. Now when she's freed and desperate to put it all behind her, the unthinkable happens. The Swarm is targeting Lana once again and the man who stood silently by has become her protector. But can she trust him?


Delta Force operative Caleb Stone will never forget the hatred shining in Lana's eyes. Ordered to take down the Swarm by infiltrating its ranks, Caleb couldn't blow his cover to save her--no matter how much it haunted him. Now, gifted with a second chance, he vows to move heaven and earth to protect her...and fulfill her every desire. But the Swarm has reorganized. It's more powerful than ever and hell-bent on revenge...


End Book Synopsis

My thoughts: One thing I can say about the Lana is that she really started to bother me when she doesn't trust the hero enough to tell him of the secret that she is hiding that is causing all this danger from happening. It driving me nut! I do understand that she was torture and because of that, it causes her not to trust anyone. I felt her pain and the emotion as I was reading the scenes where she was torture. And I can't imagine what that like but going through all that, I can imagine it was painful, scary and you think this be the end of your life. But I think it made her to become stronger and smart person later. But even for a stronger and smart person, she can be dense sometime when she can not see that Caleb, the hero, can help her. The need to ignore that she know something about the Swarm, just to protect and keep her family, friends and Caleb safe is understandable. But having help, can end all these things more faster. And she can't forget that Caleb is Delta Force operative. Now saying that, I do like it that Lana is strong too. And I can tell how much she had changed as she try to get her life back together again.

I felt Caleb emotion as he watch Lana being tortured. It was the hardest thing he ever had to do, at same time he going undercover and couldn't do nothing. It was hard for me too. You can tell he was feeling guilty and stay by her side while she was in the hospital, after he and his team were able to take down most of the Swarm. He kept tab of her over the years, and it been 18 months later when he come to see her again. To tell her she might be in danger again. He also tell her she need to be guard and protected. But she was reluctance to have him around and he didn't blame her for that. He suffer for what happen in the past and not able to do anything about it until it almost too late (the poor guy!), but he is tough guy and hope to have second chance to amend. And he won't leave her unguarded and this time he will stay to protect her. Even no matter how many times she tried to avoid him or the intimacy between them.

The emotions that both of them have been through was not easy to forget. Their romance were rocky and it took longer for them to finally feel and see that they love each other. The chemistry between them were very steamy and emotionally hot! You can see fire between them. They were the couple that meant to be together. They wasn't weak but strong and tough.

It was also nice to see the team of Delta Force operative. We get a hint to see each characters and their personality. And as I understood it, Grant story is from book #3 No Escape . I'm happy to hear this because I knew I want to know more about Grant as soon as he enter the story *grin*. The interaction between Caleb and Grant was interesting. I laugh couple times when they are chanting together. But I also want to know more about Jack too ;) I can't wait to read Grant story!

I almost gave this a 4.75 stars but few pages to the ending, was amazing and excited. The action and everything. And Lana redeem herself for me. Well I mean there was nothing wrong with her and it not that she need to redeem... but still... So anyway, I changed the grade :)

No Control is a very in depth writing and characters driven. An exciting non stop action pack. Like-able characters and good plot. It a must read book! Shannon K Butcher is a wonderful writer who grab me and kept me interested from the first chapter until the the end of the book. I definitely be reading more of her romance suspense books!

I notice that the next romance suspense book Love You To Death is coming out soon, in October 2009! I wonder if this a part of the last 3 books or a newer series book.

Grade 5 stars

Shannon's Romance Suspense in order:
1. No Regrets (click title to read review)
2. No Control
3. No Escape


Melody said...

Sounds like an intense book! I'd only read the first novel by Shannon, though I've the series in my pile but I just haven't got around to reading them yet. I'll have to check out her latest release! Thanks for the review, Julia! :)

Julia said...

It more intense from the beginning of the first chapter than the rest. But it also a good book. And I hope you read the second book sooner. I probably will read the third book sooner, once I finish up ONE RECKLESS SUMMER by Toni Blake and joint-reading SILVER FALLS by Anne Stuart with you and Alice - can't wait!

Alice Teh said...

Hi Julia, I've not read anything by this author. I've enjoyed your review, though. :)