Sunday, July 19, 2009

3rd Blogiversary
Happy Birthday Trish!
It's Celebration!

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Today happen to be my 3rd Blogiversary! And to make it even more special, today is also my niece Trish's Birthday! I am happy to celebrate these two important things in my life with everyone. And what more better way to celebrate it? Why not give a $10 gift card to Barnes and Noble to a lucky winner? All you have to do is tell me what book(s) are you looking forward to get your hand on this month/ or next month? You've until Sunday July 19 to enter - all day, until Monday at 12am midnight. I will announced the winner on Monday July 20. The lucky reader will have about a week to contact me via email at Juliayen2u (AT) gmail (DOT) com (with no space) and give me their snail mail information. Otherwise if the winner doesn't contact me, to be fair - I'll be force to chose another winner.

Good luck! I wish everyone have a good weekend ahead!


Melody said...

HAPPY BLOGIVERSARY, Julia! And Happy Birthday to Trish! :D

I'm looking forward to Blue Moon by Alyson Noel which is releasing in July! :P

Pam P said...

Happy Anniversay, Julia, and Happy Birthday to Trish! That cake looks delicious.

I can't wait to read Branded by Fire, Nalini Singh's latest in her Pys series. Going to get it tomorrow at Borders. Just got Julia Quinn's newest, What Happens in London in the mail today, so I'll be reading that tonight, and hoping Loretta Chase's Don't Tempt Me shows up soon.

Alice Teh said...

Happy Blogiversary, Julia! You keep on blogging, dear one!

Happy Birthday to Trish. *waves at her*

Caffey said...

Happy Birthday Trish! And Happy Anniversary to your blog!!

I so can't wait for Jeaniene Frost's new one the end of this month, Destined to an Early Grave. Plus too right now I'm almost done with Cynthia Eden's MASTER OF MIDNIGHT, oh it was so good! And out now is Bound by Your Touch by Meredith Duran that I heard so much good about that I'd love to read. I haven't read her at all yet and heard this isn't related to her last one. I'm planning for both anyways! And I'm filling up my list just by visiting here. Love all you got chatting here on my book addiction, LOL

LighthouseSandy said...

Happy Anniversary, Julia and Happy Birthday, Trish!

The book I'm really looking forward to is Diana Gabaldon's latest installment in her Outlander series, An Echo to the Bone -- I know you are too, Julia! -- but it doesn't come out until October. :( But Lora Leigh's Bengal Heart is out in August and love her Breeds series!

What a terrific contest, Julia! Thanks!

Sandy M

Sweet Vernal Zephyr said...

Happy Happy!

That is a tasty looking cake, could it possibly be marbled inside? yum!

I am looking forward to the release of Darkness Calls with Marjorie M. Liu & Speak of the Devil by Jenna Black! Sucked right into the darkside, I am.

Thanks for the contest and happy happy blogging!


Anonymous said...

Happy Blogiversary Julia!! and Happy Birthday to your niece as well. The cake looks so delicious :)!

I am looking forward to What a Dragon Should Know by G.A. Aiken and Shoot to Thrill by Nina Bhruns!

Thanks for the contest and wishing you another happy year of blogging!

Pam S

Julia said...

Melody - Thanks! I'm sure Trish appreciated your wishes on her b-day :) I never heard of "Blue Moon" by Alyson Noel. In fact this is the first time I ever heard of her name. What genre does she write?

Pam P - HEY! So nice to see you here *grin*! Thanks for the wishes, I be sure to pass the message to Trish :) You will have to let me know how you like "What Happen In London" by Julia Quinn, once you're done with it. Did you get Nalini Singh's latest book yet?

Alice - Thanks for your well wishes! I be sure to pass it to Trish :)

Caffey - One of my friend share with me of a contest that Cynthia Eden is running, and told me I should enter the contest to win "Master of Midnight". I have not read by this author before, but would love to hear your review on it :) I have heard so much about "Bound by Your Touch" by Meredith Duran, too. And is tempted to get it *grin*. You're more than welcome to visit me again! Chatting up about books, is my addiction too *grin* It should be fun :)

Sandy M - HEY! It so nice to see you here too! I've read lot of your reviews at the "Ducky pond" place and have love reading it :) Thanks for the wishes, I will pass it to Trish. YEP - I am looking forward to get my hand on Diana Gabaldon's "An Echo to the Bone", but it such a long wait! I need to catch up reading Lora Leigh's books, that I hope to do that sometime soon :)

Miranda - *LOL* it actually had strawberries inside of the cake ;) Thanks for the Happy wishes :) I hope that once you get those books you want, that it be much enjoyable reading than it is worth the wait :)

Pam S - Hi, thanks for wishes! I be sure to pass your wish to Trish as well :) I too, hope that these books are well worth the wait after you enjoy reading these books!

Thanks everyone for playing! Remember, to those who have not participate - you have until this Sunday to enter. Good luck to everyone!

Pam P said...

Julia, the Quinn book I liked a lot, back to her usual light and fun style.

I now have the Singh and Duran, can't wait to find out what's doing with the Pys and Changelings.

Diane said...

Sorry I missed you Blogiversary. Many more happy blogging years.