Monday, August 03, 2009

50 Books Challenge : July 2009

Sorry I'm a little late to post this. Below, is the book I read in July. I have read 3 books! But a total of my reading so far from the first seven months is 31 books! It does seem to be not too much of great total of books I've read, but the reading have been good so far for me. I'm happy with it. They were good! Of the 3 books that I listed (see below), these are the one I've read but I just never had the chance to finish drafting the reviews and post it to blog. It still sitting on my "draft" stage. I also have another 3 books that I've already started in July but I just never able to finish reading them. So I would have to draft and post those for August month even though I started these books in July. If I have read and reviews all these books, I would have read a total of 34 books for July :)

My friend, Darla were the one who came up with 50 Books Challenge. If you would like to see some of her review, please visit her You just have to search from archive.

Below is the list of books I've read. Notice I didn't do direct link to each reviews or even give the grade. I probably will have to edit and post it later, here. Have a good day Everyone!

29. Thread of Fear by Laura Griffin
30. Double Play by Jill Shalvis
31. Edge of Midnight by Shannon McKenna


Melody said...

No pressure about posting the reviews, Julia, but you know I always look forward to reading them. Love your rambly posts! :P

Julia said...

Melody - Don't ay nice things about my rambling, chatty posts! *LOL* ! Just kidding! Sometime I wonder if my rambling ever chase readers away from my blog teehehe.

Thanks so much for saying nice things to me and my non-sense reviews *LOL* :)

Alice Teh said...

Having read 3 books is good, Julia! Like Melody, I welcome your rambly posts too. :D