Sunday, September 20, 2009

Book Weekend

I went to Walmart yesterday, in hope to find Diana Gabaldon's Echo In the Bone there. But it wasn't. I know the release date is on September 22, which is this Tuesday. But sometime Walmart release books a week or three days before the actual dates. I'm kinda glad it wasn't there because than I would have felt guilty for not helping Gabaldon with her sale. I love her Outlander series and have read all up to date except for A Breath of Snow and Ashes, which I will try to finish up before I can get to the latest book Echo In the Bone. To see the bookcover, click here I'm so excited that I'm looking forward to get my tiny hand on it :) And when I get it, I post it at my blog! IsitTuesdayyet? *grin*

There wasn't many books to chose from, since I've either already brought it or just not interested in many of them. These books have been sitting on the shelves for awhile, so I'm sorta waiting for Walmart to restock them/replace them with latest books. I did however, brought a book. Hot Ticket is Berkley publishing reissues into mass market paperback print with a new cover (see above) that was originally printed in trade size paperback first. You can check out the original bookcover, here. It's a novella written by 4 wonderful authors: Deirdre Martin, Julia London, Annette Blair and Geri Buckley.

I'm already a fan of Deirdre Martin (New York Blade Ice Hockey) books and Julia London's contemporary romance books. So I know what to expect from their writing style. But I hope to discover a wonderful story from new to me author Annette Blair and Geri Buckley :) I know I'm going to enjoy the book since each stories are sport theme. But I can say up front, that the one thing I dislike about it, is that each stories will be too short.

I'm currently trying to finish up Sex, Lies and Online Dating by Rachel Gibson. I'm almost done with it and will be reviewing it soon. But not until I finish drafting the review for Just the Sexiest Man Alive by Julie James, first. I hope to post this review today or tomorrow.

Next weekend, I hope to go to Barnes and Noble and Walden bookstore to see if there anything new I want there. By than my sister will be visiting us, and I be busy then :)

So...whatcha reading? I wish everyone a good Sunday and Happy Reading! :)


Melody said...

I haven't read any of the books by these authors. I look forward to your review on this book soon. ;)

Alice Teh said...

Julia, you're truly a romance genre queen! I hope you'll manage to find Gabaldon's book soon. I know how excited you are about her. :)

Darla said...

I'm glad you mentioned the new Gabaldon--I didn't even have it on my list. I ordered it from BOMC2 (which used to be Zooba). Gotta love those $9.95 hardcovers!

Julia said...

Melody - I think you might like Julia London's Three Wishes (I hope that the titles) and her other contemporary romance :)

Alice - I love reading romance but it is the 'romance suspense' genres I love to read the most. I can read thriller and suspense if the story interested me :) I finally got Diana Gabaldon's book! Yay me!

Darla - I'm glad that I reminded you. I know that you like the Outlander series as much as I did. I got a copy of Echo In the Bone finally - yay!