Sunday, October 04, 2009

Birthday Sunday

The night before the midnight hour, I had few people wishing me a very early birthday (thank you!) from Facebook, Blog and emails account. Than 15 minute after the midnight, my sweet niece Trish call me on the phone to wish me a Happy Birthday (Love ya sweetie!). I talk to her for few minutes and than went back to watch Cold Case on TV. Then I went to bed at 3am.

On Sunday morning, I attend church until 11:30am. By the time I got home it was already 12pm and my nieces Trish and Heather was already at the house. We enter the house and was expecting not only my niece but a man who came to take look at the laptop that we've been having trouble with. The laptop was belong to my sister but she given it to me as a b-day present! But the laptop took a long while to load. And it turn out, from our "Mr. Fix it" man that our old router need to be replaced because the old router is not strong enough for my b-day laptop. So we went online to order a new router, and will be expecting it deliver in a few days. This mean no more trying to fight over laptop with mom. We do have a laptop of our own but mom and I share it, since my sister had brought that one last year for our birthday. And we always fighting for our turn *grin*. And I always give in and let her use it. Since she is "the mom" - teehehee. That part of the reason why I post less on my blog lately. So now we each have our own laptop -- YAY! But I did use my old laptop (the one mom and I share) to check in my emails account, Facebook and Blog. And smiles at all the birthday wishes I got from all the wonderful people in my life. I'm bless that they are my friends. Thanks you everyone! So than, everyone sat down to chat for awhile before we leave to go eat out at Nagoya restaurant for my (and mom) birthday brunch. YUM! When we went home, we sat down and hang out again. We took pictures and had lot of laugh and fun with it. Than 4-5 hours later, we went to Starbucks to get our self something to drink. I order White Mocha Fab iced coffee with whip cream --- yum! Again I took pictures while we were there. After an hour or two, Trish and Heather had to head home. It was getting dark and we didn't want them driving home in the dark or while it raining. So after too much hugs, they left. But my sisters is going to visit them in few days and than go eat at the restaurant where Trish is currently working at. But I may not be able to go, since I have to babysit that day.

Now, am sitting here and relaxing. Trying to post this and have it published before I sign out and let my sister use the laptop for awhile. I wish everyone a good Sunday night! Until name is Julia and I'm....out :)


Melody said...

I know I've wished you a Happy Birthday in my previous comment but I want to say it again: Happy Birthday, Julia! And Yay for the laptop!!! :D

Alice Teh said...

Hi Julia! Once again, am going to wish you: HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You've got a laptop now. That's super! :D

Julia said...

Thanks to my two wonderful friends! *big hugs!*

My mom and I still have the laptop that we share that is less in year. My sister given me her 3 year old laptop for my birthday *grin*

Alice Teh said...

Your sister is super, Julia! {{HUGS}}