Sunday, October 11, 2009

weekend: Book

Sorry I have not been posting much. I've been delay posting some of my book reviews because I got sick over the week. Caught a cold head congestion. Plus my sisters came down South for visit for a week with us, and since than I have spent most of my time with them too. I've been busy. I try to read book laying in bed at night but the medicine made me to too drowsy to concentrate in reading. I only managed to check emails and than go to sleep. So I've also been reading less this week.

I did feel a little better today, but not quite. The weather change just seem predictable. One minute the sun was out and the humidity 90 and than the next minute it rain, become a little chilly and 76 humidity...etc. It crazy. So with a little good spirit today, I went to store to see what book is out this week...

They did stocked in a few new books this week but not many I like or want. But I did grab a copy of LuAnn McLane's He's No Prince Charming, available in mass market paperback. She is a "new to me author" although I do have a book or two of her book(s) in my TBR pile. I've heard good thing about her books :)

I hope everyone weekend was great one - Happy Reading!


Melody said...

I hope you're feeling better, Julia!

I bet you enjoyed the time spent with your sisters. Have your sisters gone home or are they still spending their time with you now?

Happy reading! :)

Alice Teh said...

Are you feeling better now, Julia? I really hope you are because I want a super fit and bubbly Julia to be my book buddy. Hehe...

Spending time with the girls, especially own sisters, is super cool. I had a fun day photoshooting my sister Cat with Ray as my co-photographer-cum-model. LOL!

Darla said...

{{{hugs}}} Julia. Sorry you've been feeling so rotten. Hope you're better now.

Julia said...

melody - Thanks! I enjoy spent time with my sisters! I miss them so much! :) They have gone home already since Tuesday.

Alice - I'm feeling lot better than the last two weeks, thanks! And I'm always happy to be your bubbly book buddy ;) I saw your photos with Cat and Ray, and though those photos were awesome!

Darla - Thanks for the hugs! It help an extra lot :)