Thursday, December 03, 2009

50 Books Challenge : November

As always this month have been a little slow. And it not much reading for me. Well..anyone who know me, know that I always read less books each months *sigh*. I wish I could be a speed reader, but than I wonder if I speed read then would I even remember what I read? *grin*. I've read 4 books this month of November. So that a total of 41 books! I'm almost reaching my 50 book goal YAY! I'm hoping to read lot of Christmas theme books to end my 50 Challenge Books for this year 2009

Notice there no link to take you my reviews for each books, below. It's because I have not yet draft and post it to my blog. Even though I've finish reading books #39, #40 and #41. With the holidays coming and going, it doesn't give me enough time to draft and post the reviews. But I promise that eventually I will post it :) I won't know the grade I'm given for each books either until I draft the reviews. So, when I post the reviews I'll be sure to grade them :) I hope everyone is having a good holidays!

39. Death Angel by Linda Howard
40. Harry Potter: And the Goblet of Fire by J.K. Rowling (joint-reading w/Melody)
40. Thanksgiving by Janet Evanovich
41. Nauti Boy by Lora Leigh

My friend, Darla is joining in the 50 Books Challenge, too. If you would like to see some of her review, please visit her You just have to search from archive.


Melody said...

I'm sure you'll be able to reach the goal, Julia! Just-keep-reading! :P

I hope you'll post those reviews soon! I can't wait to read them, especially #39 and #41. ;)

Alice Teh said...

Hi Julia! You've read 4 this month and I think you did wonderfully. I'm interested in the reviews for #39 and #41 too!

Julia said...

Thanks Melody and Alice for your support :) And I'll be sure to reviews those two books as soon as possible :)

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