Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Busy with Christmas holidays...

I'm sorry I have not been posting - again! With Christmas around the corner, I've been busy with work, babysitting and preparing an early gift buying for my families and friends. So far I've already brought my Christmas cards but it being sent a few at a times, since some of the cards will be add into the packages I'm deliver-ing at the post office to friends. Some of the packages are already sent out, but I still have few more packages to prepare that have not been sent out yet. Hopefully I be able to go post office next Monday. I was really surprise how easily fast it was when I went to post office last Monday. I was only in there for less than 15 minute and than we out to our car. I guess with all the drizzling rain, it kept peeps from going out and just report to work.

I do want to THANKS to the people who were generous, kind and so sweet to sent me holidays packages of gifts and cards. I have not open some of them, figure I put them under the tree so that I will have something to look forward to when I open it on Christmas day :) You guys are the best and I love ya!

I did not buy any books during the last two weeks on the weekend, like I usually do. This time I had to save the money to get gifts for everyone. I would hate to see the disappointment in the kids face when they think that Aunt Julia didn't get them anything. I love to see the excitement and joy on the kids face when they're getting something they want/like. It really priceless to watch their expression change when their emotion get the best of them at seeing the gifts they get that they want but didn't expected to get it. Of course I also love watching the adults become a child-like when they too get exciting over gifts they want but also not expecting to get *LOL*. I love to be the giver and brighten up peeps day. This does not mean that I'm going through a Books Ban. This is two different things, IMO *LOL*! I should be back up with my books buying starting January 2010.

I still have not finish drafting up the book's reviews that is still in my "draft" file. But hopefully I'll eventually be able to do it soon. As I'm struggling to reach my 50 books for the "50 Challenge Books" before the end of December, I will have lot of Christmas anthology books to read and finish.

So - I'm currently reading a Christmas anthology books, joint-reading with Melody on Harry Potter Bk #4. I have not start reading any other books, as I'm trying to finish the Christmas anthology books. There are at lease 7 books.

I wish everyone a good day and Happy Holidays!


Melody said...

Everyone is busy with the holiday season, so don't feel bad about not posting. :) But still, just want to let you know I'll wait patiently for your reviews though! :P

I hope my books arrive soon!!

Alice Teh said...

The post office will be very busy too. LOL! Enjoy your holiday, my friend.

Julia said...

Melody and Alice - Yep peeps are so busy during holidays season. I know the post office is going to busy this week and next week! I think they reconized me now and will start to run, since I've visited them twice already -- but if I knew I was that scary, then I should have visit them often bawahaha!

I'm glad that the packages are arriving fast enough :)

Literary Feline said...

I hope you have a very Merry Christmas, Julia!